Red Wave Victories: Carrying Their Momentum Forward

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Throughout the month of August, real Conservatives have enjoyed several major victories in Republican Primary elections, as well as several other elections. Of course Liz Cheney's resounding defeat is among the biggest victories for those on the Right.

Know Your Friends

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The late Andrew Breitbart said that mainstream media is labeling everyone who is against the far left cultural narrative as “racists” and “potential Timothy Mcveighs” are tired of it and…

You Know What You Need To Do!

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Many Americans are claiming they don't know what they need to do to stem the tide of Liberal indoctrination. Yes you do. And it is time to do it.

RIGHT NOW Spotlight: Luke Negron

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Luke Negron of Pennsylvania updates New Right Network on his campaign, and becoming the only Republican on the ballot for his district.

Our Future Relies on the Youngbloods of Conservatism

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It will take a unity on both the ground war and the air war in order to ensure that we can fight for the soul of the nation. It will be these younger faces that will ensure that fight occurs!

College Campuses No Longer Safe for Conservatives

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RIGHT NOW at NRN: Jacob Airey shares his take on why college campuses are not safe for conservative students, and why the right should embrace nerd culture.


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Scott Presler is a gay Conservative activist focused on registering people to vote and doing his part for 2020. New Right Network sits down to talk with him.