Israel and Conservatives: In Defense of Life and Liberty

Will the Last Two Bulwarks of Liberty Survive?

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Most American citizens can’t help but wonder why it is that the U.S. administrative state and the current administration refuse to take common sense steps to protect the country’s interests. The country is falling apart at the seams. Law and order has dissolved into anarchy by both Marxist resistors and paid-off politicians. President Trump, the 45th president, took what could be considered controlled level-headed steps to protect the country from those that seek its destruction. Now, the Biden/Harris administration is doing all within its power the root out all that was good including the founding principles that have made America a bulwark of constitutional rights and liberty.

Take the example of Israel, surrounded on all sides by enemies that seek its destruction. Rooted in a hatred that has no supporting principles, Israel’s worldwide enemies (including the Marxist dominated left in the U.S.) supposedly standing for equality, inclusion and diversity, reject their own principles by rejecting the very right to existence of those who differ in opinion, origin or birthright. The same applies where the left claims it supports inclusion and diversity while rejecting any peaceful coexistence with those who espouse conservative principles and true equality for all.

However, the Left’s agenda is not equality but the theft of all rights, including the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of those they hate, in particular, those of a “race” or color unlike their own. Hence, Critical Race Theory has become the new propaganda to erase the constitutional foundation which supports the rights of all citizens and supports a new multi-tiered caste system based on the color of one’s skin or ethnicity. This is not unlike the caste system in India that has kept in suppression its population.

The Right to Exist

Just as many criticize Israel when it defends its right to exist, the left condemns conservatives who oppose its Marxist doctrine in order to defend their very right to live in freedom and maintain their liberties. When Israel defends itself against her enemies that actively seek its destruction, many claim that Israel is barbaric because of collateral damage. Yet, those same news sources neglect to lament the deaths of the Israelis who die as a result of the Hamas attacks on Israel’s soil. They lament the bombing of a building that headquartered Hamas’ offices because Al-Jazeera and the Associated Press also maintained offices in the building. Yet, Hamas is known for sheltering in the midst of civilians, intentionally putting the lives of others at risk.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) stated that Hamas hides behind and uses human shields. What many news sources failed to reveal was that the IDF warned civilians in the building before the attack, giving them “sufficient time to evacuate.” Israel has shown itself to be the “better man”, taking action to protect the innocent while taking decisive action to protect its nationhood. To the contrary, Hamas and likeminded terrorists care not for their own and put their fellow countrymen and women in danger.

Conservatives, as well, have been taking lawful action to defend the Republic and its constitutional rights while the Left permits the destruction of cities, lives and businesses, the collateral damage of their Marxist attempt at a takeover of the last bulwark of freedom in the world. This may be the last stand of a the constitutional republic. May we defend its rights as well as Israel defends its people.

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