Ugly Realities of Leftist Lurch Into Anti-Semitism

The abominable demonstrations on the Nation's college campuses, following the Hamas attacks, may be shocking in their depravity, but they really shouldn't be surprising. The venomous anti-Semitism that has been on parade in the past four weeks is only the latest manifestation of the twisted thinking that had already poisoned so many minds of "professors" and administrators.

The Stolen 2020 Election Continues to Mock America!

By definition, those Republicans who refuse to acknowledge the stolen 2020 Election reveal their unwillingness to actually confront the evil tide that it represents. Thus a thoroughly politicized third-world kangaroo court can wage war against President Trump.

Latest Phony Indictment Proves 2020 Election Was Stolen

Currently, the efforts of honest Americans, from national figures down to the farmers and shop keepers on Main Street, are to figure out how to rein in the malignancy that has supplanted government "Of, By, and For the People." American Government is now fully at war with the American people.

The Dilemma Of The Cross

Those who demand absolute allegiance to their twisted and debasing agenda cannot tolerate any presence of goodness, truth, and redemption. So it was in ancient Judea, when "religious" leaders persuaded Roman governing officials to seal the tomb in which the body of Jesus was placed, after his crucifixion.

Coming To Grips With The Two Americas

Too many Americans live in fear that if we don't step lightly enough for them to give us permission to oppose their crimes, they'll declare our opposition to be "sedition," and impose harsh penalties on us. In essence, we believe our civic duty to be surrender, so they don't accuse us of engaging them in a fight for America.

The Essential Missing Component of American Self Government

Abraham Lincoln saw the potential for an insurmountable rift in the Nation over the defining issue of human slavery. It was with that understanding that he referenced the Gospel of Luke with his admonition that "A house divided against itself cannot stand." It was a physical impossibility for the Nation to go forward with such a vast divide of ideology.

Naysayers Owe The Freedom Caucus An Apology!

The insipid behavior and excuses of past "do nothing" Republican majorities in the House will no longer be accepted, now that major rules and decision making concessions were forced from McCarthy by those unflappable Freedom Caucus members.

RINOs to Grassroots America: Shut Up! Know Your Place!

Had such insipid thinking predominated in Colonial America, the Patriots would immediately have gone crawling back to King George after they were routed on Lexington Common on the morning of April 19, 1775, thwarting any possibility of the victory, later that day at Concord, and eventually Yorktown.

Leftists/Democrats Glorying In Another Phony “Hate Crime”

Leftist Democrats and their Fake News minions from coast to coast (the very same ones who reflexively demand we do not "rush to judgment") have been ecstatic, gleefully reporting every canned anti-Conservative, anti-Trump mantra as supposed "motivation" for the attack.