Naysayers Owe The Freedom Caucus An Apology!

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For the first time in fifty years, Americans can celebrate “Sanctity of Life Sunday” in a nation that does not officially and forcibly authorize the slaughter of the unborn. Having repealed the detestable “Roe v. Wade” decision of 1973, by which an activist Supreme Court of that era had claimed abortion to be a “constitutional right” on every absurd premise, states now have the ability to protect the most innocent and helpless among them, if they have the decency and compassion to do so.

Of course this means America still has a long way to go. “Blue” states in particular, where leftist Democrat moral debasement predominates, remain able and willing to treat unborn babies with less regard than that afforded to stray cats. Worst of all, they ruthlessly commit the wholesale slaughter of those unborn babies under their standard phony banners of “kindness and virtue.”

So the battle must continue, if America is ever to return to being a society of benevolence and justice. This is no time to rest on our laurels or grow complacent. We are seeing some very encouraging signs of an awakening, not only among the good people of the Heartland, but now, even within the hallowed halls of Congress. The momentum is growing, but if it is continue, it is up to us to carry it forward.

Many bogus reasons were given for the lackluster results of Republican candidates in the 2022 mid-term elections. However, while an honest appraisal of the situation is critical to future successes, it does no good whatsoever to believe the “analysis and advice” of the ideological and political opposition, whether it comes directly from Democrats, or indirectly through their RINO lackeys. Assessing the motives of those offering guidance is crucial to knowing whether to accept it, or reject it on the basis that their real intention is to destroy Conservative momentum.

Simple as it may seem, this point is too often missed by “our side,” resulting in a political “strategy” that is futile at best, and self-destructive at worst. For starters, Republicans did not fail to perform better on the basis of being “too extreme” in their Conservative efforts. A historically unbroken pattern exists, whereby real Republicans win big, when they show the stark contrast between right and left ideology. Yet when they start to “moderate” in the face of contrived hysterics from leftist Democrats and their Fake News minions, the momentum of the right becomes diluted and Republicans face defeat.

So it is that both the 2016 victory for President Donald Trump, and no less, the 2023 ruckus over the Speakership in the first days of the new, Republican Congress, redound as major Conservative gains, but only if those who are truly on the right can grow a spine and learn to stay the course. Sadly, their ability to do so is by no means a guarantee.

Consider just a few of the tremendous achievements of the new Congress, now that the Freedom Caucus sufficiently held the feet of Kevin McCarthy to the fire, before agreeing to support his bid for Speaker of the House. Several bills are now going forward, that would have been brushed aside and ultimately buried, had Republicans done their usual, and simply endorsed McCarthy on the basis of his “seniority” (as if the House of Representatives should operate in the manner of a union shop).

Now, major “controversial” bills can be properly taken to the House floor for consideration, and Congressional committees can actually engage in the all important work of investigation and oversight. The insipid behavior and excuses of past “do nothing” Republican majorities in the House will no longer be accepted, now that major rules and decision making concessions were forced from McCarthy by those unflappable Freedom Caucus members.

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Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado is introducing a bill to defund Planned Parenthood, which should have happened a long time ago. It is despicable that such a vile organization ever “legally” existed in America, but it is an absolute abomination that decent Americans have been forced to subsidize its genocidal activities with tax dollars. Does anyone really believe that Boebert’s effort would have received any support from the “leadership,” were it not for the resolute stance of the Freedom Caucus?

On several other fronts, the news is just as encouraging. Those eighty-seven thousand armed “IRS agents,” who in reality were slated to be Obama’s long wished for “civilian police force,” have now been defunded. And barring the overblown threat of a “government shutdown” to force Republican capitulation, they will not happen. Fourteen thousand hours of video of the January 6 2021 event at the U.S. Capitol are also going to see the light of day, owing to the unshakable tenacity of Florida Representative Matt Gaetz. Needless to say, if that video wasn’t ultimately a liability to the leftist Democrats who ramrodded the J6 witch-hunt, it would already have been made public.

Arizona Representative Paul Gosar is heading up an investigation into the treasonous collaboration of Join Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley with the Communist Chinese, during the Trump Administration. Milley’s behavior constituted nothing short of a coup against the President, and could well have presented an opportunity for a death blow to America, had the Chinese so decided. Milley’s criminal treachery has thus far been swept under the rug. Needless to say, it never would have been brought into proper public scrutiny under a Republican Congress of “business as usual.”

Given the stakes, and more importantly, the substantive gains that have clearly been made since the Freedom Caucus prevailed, it is wholly worthwhile to look back on that “harrowing” time during which McCarthy’s speakership was contested. From the reaction of so many, including some ostensibly “conservative” voices, one might think that our Nation was on the brink of disaster, and that Americans from coast to coast were in total panic over the impasse. In truth, from start to finish, the commotion lasted a total of only six days!

During that time however, the voices of the GOP “Establishment” made their malignant nature inescapably obvious. RINO Dan Crenshaw of Texas deemed the Freedom Caucus “terrorists.” And both Sean Hannity and Mark Levin (previously thought to be pro-America conservatives), condemned the actions of Gaetz and the other nineteen Freedom Caucus holdouts.

If Real America wants a Republican Party that represents them and will uphold their values, they should take heart, and ignore all the travailing of the GOP insiders. We do not lose credibility by demanding results from McCarthy. This is what a real fight for the future of the Country looks like!

Christopher G. Adamo
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