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Our Story

New Right Network

New Right Network mentors everyday individuals and experienced reporters to broadcast their lives and values of faith, family, and freedom. Our collective mission is to represent the ideas which are important to us in the current societal, cultural, and political climate on the online marketplace of ideas.

Since 2016, New Right Network’s volunteer leadership team has trained/mentored 300+ budding influencers, candidates, online warriors, and everyday American patriots in modding subreddits and Facebook groups, curating news, writing articles, and producing video. Some of them have gone on to be employed at OANN, and freelance write for National Pulse and Human Events. Others felt the confidence for the first time to run for political office and WIN, host and guest on podcasts, and take interviews from big conservative media outlets on local issues of national interest.


In 2022 New Right Network launched Patriot911, a conservative breaking news headlines website that serves concerned Americans with factual, breaking news. The Patriot911News project gives us more agility in reporting the news. It’s easy, fun, and effective for our volunteer reporters and social media promoters.

Patriot911 and New Right Network coordinate/host themed ‘Repair The Republic’ virtual conferences where I bring together local political figures who I believe are the best at handling a single political challenge (e.g., election reform, CRT in schools) so that everyone can improve what they’re doing and accelerate their effectiveness.

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