Authentic, Committed Christians Threaten the Leftist Order

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In saner times, it might seem like cause for amusement when a major public figure behaves in a petty, buffoonish manner. However, in the modern era of leftist lawlessness, coupled with extreme over-reaches and abuses of power from high office, the consequences of failing to take such obsessed individuals seriously can be grave.

Among the most flagrant of these is hard leftist California Governor Gavin Newsom. The nephew of Nancy Pelosi, Newsom carries one of the dirtiest leftist pedigrees, yet in typical manner, often shamelessly hides his abhorrent ideology and agenda behind a seemingly “clean cut” and even “moderate” facade.

We dare not be fooled by any of it. The current fight to the death, being waged by Newsom against a relatively small, school district in one of the more rural regions of Southern California, unmasks the truly dangerous and relentless nature of the leftist counterculture. It is a struggle that pits the enormous power of California State Government against a community of concerned parents and other decent citizens whose only crime is to seek to protect their children from the moral and spiritual ravages of the leftist counterculture.

Despite his posturing, Newsom’s behavior reflects two despicable motivations. First, as an aspiring leftist despot, he is fanatically obsessed with being able to wield uncontested power, to the point that he will seek to overpower and silence any who dare to dispute his moral/spiritual dominance of any situation. Second, he and his fellow counterculture leftists are committed to thoroughly corrupting young people in the schools and shattering every precept of traditional, (Judeo-Christian) moral grounding they might have ever been given.

By nature, leftists abhor the principles and ideals on which America was founded and by which it flourished; principles that were inarguably based in Biblical Truth and which have withstood the test of time. In contrast, the perverse leftist worldview can only prevail in the absence of scrutiny, and hence its devotees are mortally threatened by even the slightest opposition to their agenda.

This is why leftists never seek to engage Christians and Conservatives in discourse on the supposed merits of their sick/twisted ideology. They know the light of truth will demolish their platitudes and presumptions of unassailable “virtue.” So instead of allowing free speech and expression to all, in hopes that the best ideas will prevail, they must infiltrate and corrupt from positions of unchecked authority, lest they are forced to “validate” their historically disastrous and insupportable worldview.

Consider the sheer absurdity of the situation, given Newsom’s obvious aspirations to seek the White House in 2024. Here’s someone who deems himself worthy to ostensibly vie for America’s position on the world stage. Yet he is virtually hamstrung in his home state, not by some major governmental player, but by the courageous and very vocal Christian Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills.

At a recent “Pray Vote Stand” summit, Pastor Hibbs took direct aim at Newsom, describing the governor as essentially hanging on his leg. Hibbs went on to explain that “everything the Church does in California is under attack by Gavin Newsom.” And this is certainly no exaggeration.

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In the early days of Covid lockdown lunacy, Newsom was unwavering in his support of every vile and seedy establishment, from tattoo parlors to abortion “clinics,” which remained open and unrestricted on the basis that they were deemed “essential.” Yet Churches were sternly warned against gathering or functioning in any customary manner, facing the prospect of severe legal repercussions if they did not comply.

Thankfully, Pastor Hibbs and some others bravely refused such illegal and unconstitutional edicts, virtually daring the leftists in high office to violate two hundred and twenty nine years of established American law. Despite the degree to which the Constitution has been undermined and eroded in recent years, Newsom and his henchmen recognized their no-win situation and backed down.

Yet the battle rages on, and the stakes are nothing less than the ability of parents to protect their children from the attacks and exploitation of sexual predators and other perverse individuals masquerading as government school “teachers” and “counselors.” In the Chino Valley school district, citizens have drawn a line in the sand against such assaults on the innocence of their children. Currently, the local school board prohibits children from being groomed and sexualized by the “system,” without the involvement of parents.

This is only common sense and common decency, but of course on that basis it is a roadblock to every sick individual who seeks to target those kids. Not surprisingly, Newsom and the rest of California’s hard-leftist political elites are outraged, and fighting such protections in every possible manner. In recent weeks, California Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond attempted to disrupt a Chino Valley School Board meeting, for the purpose of preventing it from passing the measure to empower parents to safeguard their children. Thurmond’s behavior was so outlandish that he was eventually ejected from the meeting.

In response Newsom has, with great effort, pushed measures through the California legislature that would empower him to further attack the Chino Valley School District, and any other jurisdiction that dares oppose the leftist counterculture. Clearly, like Canada’s Justin Trudeau and other tinhorns of the Third World, Newsom is obsessed with crushing the basic freedoms of a civilized society.

Americans had better realize just how far beyond this single jurisdiction its potential impact will reach, should Newsom’s abhorrent and despotic actions prevail. The left is presently engaged in nothing less than a total takedown of the American family, to be supplanted by the depraved and oppressive indoctrinations of the totalitarian state. And the attacks will most certainly not stop there.

Just as Newsom stands as the archetype of a self-absorbed, morally debased leftist despot wannabe, so does Pastor Hibbs reflect the time honored qualities of a passionate committed Christian, to stand against such evil, despite the seeming odds (at least from the perspective of this world) against him. But Pastor Hibbs obviously understands that something far greater than any of us, or any mere governmental player, will ultimately judge this situation and all others like it. In the meantime, our part is to stay the course and trust in that judgment.

Christopher G. Adamo
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