RINOs to Grassroots America: Shut Up! Know Your Place!

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RINOs to Grassroots America: Shut Up! Know Your Place!

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At this writing, Republican Establishment darling Kevin McCarthy has failed a sixth vote for Speakership. And to hear the reaction from both sides of the D.C. Swamp, one might think America has never faced a greater crisis in its entire history. Despite the fact that only in the past few weeks, a budget bill with the potential to collapse our economy was passed, and the Arizona governorship was stolen in an abominable, thoroughly corrupt joke of an “election,” the only thing major “Republican” players are wailing about is preserving McConnell as Senate Minority “leader,” garnering the speakership for his dutiful wingman McCarthy, and keeping Ronna McDaniel as RNC chair.

Even many major Conservative voices are crying “Uncle!” over on Capitol Hill, claiming that Conservatives don’t have any chance of upending the status quo, and should simply surrender to the detestable inevitability of “business as usual.” Had such insipid thinking predominated in Colonial America, the Patriots would immediately have gone crawling back to King George after they were routed on Lexington Common on the morning of April 19, 1775, thwarting any possibility of the victory, later that day at Concord, and eventually Yorktown. So do we wonder why the country currently is such a mess, and is so easily being dragged in a direction that is diametrically opposed to the desires and concerns of those people on “Main Street” who plant the crops, dig the coal, raise the buildings, and die in the wars to preserve and protect our way of life?

Not surprisingly, the Democrats are getting in on the act, decrying those twenty brave Republicans who refuse to support McCarthy, insisting that he’s the best man to lead the GOP! We haven’t seen such monolithic support for any individual, or any issue since America fell at the feet of Zelensky when the Russians invaded Ukraine. Everyone from Mark Levin to AOC is throwing it all in for McCarthy, while castigating the Twenty, and in particular their de facto leader Congressman Matt Gaetz, for refusing to play along.

In truth, the drama up on Capitol Hill is about something much bigger than who gets the gavel in Congress, or even whether Republicans can advance a coherent agenda going forth. The only manner in which the leftists/globalists, who have ravaged our economy, our freedoms, the rule of law, and the Constitution itself can hope to prevail is if they are able to fracture and silence the good people of Real America, and convince us that any resistance to their dominion over us is futile. And this threat comes from the inner circles of both political parties. So any “Republican” Speaker must be one of them.

Like his Senate cohort Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy has proven to be a reliable devotee of this abhorrent status quo. He comes from a sordid lineage of capitulation and appeasement, going back to Dennis Hastert, followed by John Boehner and Paul Ryan. He has already asserted the pablum of RINO submission to the established order, assuring leftist Democrats that there will be no attempt at impeachment, and that his goal will be to “heal” the Nation, which means sweeping all of the rampant and treasonous leftist corruption under the rug.

Having taken such a position, can people expect real justice to come from any House hearings on Hunter and the whole Ukraine money laundering scheme? Rather than seizing the opportunity to fumigate the thoroughly infested Swamp, any action in regards to the despicable and profuse criminality of the Biden Cabal would result in nothing more than very “heated” fund raising letters.

Meanwhile, why is nobody in any major position suggesting that McCarthy “put principle over party” by withdrawing his name from consideration? If he were sincere, he could have ended all of the rancor, the moment it became obvious that he is widely distrusted. He’d simply concede that he had done much in the past to destroy peoples’ confidence, and step aside. That would instantly fix everything, were solving the problem their actual intention.

Clearly, the D.C. “Establishment” is not only fully invested in installing a compliant “Republican,” to ultimately do their bidding; it is also terrified of the prospect of “We the People” actually finding out we can decisively flex the muscle that we hold on this issue. At that point we may realize we can and should be flexing it elsewhere as well.

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Eighty four percent of Republicans, an overwhelming majority, believe the Party needs new leadership. And their reasons for this are abundant. When leftists assume majority status in the Congress, their base gets results. But when Republicans are in the majority, even holding the White House, the Conservative base only gets excuses.

Meanwhile, Senators and Representatives accumulate wealth that vastly eclipses their “paltry” salaries, starting at $174,000 per year. Given this den of guaranteed indulgence, regardless of any actual accomplishments, why should they risk backlash from a hostile press, by attempting to change the Nation’s downward spiraling course? They can merely coast along, and make pretense of being the “opposition party” in their abundance of fund-raising letters.

Sadly, despite the fraud and chicanery, too many Conservatives are absorbing and embracing the “Establishment” narrative on the speaker situation. And too few are supporting those twenty brave souls who stand courageously in the gap. This sends a contradictory message to Washington. Americans claim they want people to put principle over party. Well this is what it looks like! Yet when someone finally takes a stand, Americans are whipped into a frenzy, to condemn it. Going forward, those Americans, from the minions who believe CNN, to the big Conservative voices who so quickly started waving the white flag, have no room to complain.

This situation represents a decisive moment for our Nation. Americans must take note of who stands with McCarthy, and who stands with Matt Gaetz, the other nineteen principled Conservatives, and “We the People.” Per Mein Kampf and Alinsky, the goal is to get the Freedom Caucus to cave, and then mercilessly bludgeon them for ever having stood against the “Establishment”/Swamp in the first place. Doing so would complete the severing of the Republican Party from any accountability to the American people. Those are the stakes!

Christopher G. Adamo
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