Why DeSantis Supporters Eventually Go Full “Liz Cheney”

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It is difficult to ascertain just what made Florida Governor Ron DeSantis decide to run for president in 2024. Several theories have been posited. It could be that he became convinced he can take his Florida successes immediately onto the National stage, or that America is actually looking for a “fresh face” in Washington. On the other hand, it is much more likely that the “Big Money” brokers, whose financial support has become central to almost any candidacy these days, gave him the ultimatum either to move now or lose their backing. Or it may be just a matter of uncontained ego and ambition, which is the most pervasive character trait among high level politicians.

In any case, the efforts so far have largely failed to make DeSantis look like the knight in shining armor, riding in on a white horse. Regardless of his motivations, he appears to be engaging in cheap opportunism, presuming a chance to seize the mantle of “Making America Great Again,” while supplanting its author and chief proponent. This view has great merit, since it is standard practice for the Bush/Rove cabal with whom he has collaborated in his campaign effort.

The real tragedy for DeSantis is that, had he merely waited until 2028, and supported President Trump in the interim, he would inarguably have been heralded as the “shoe in” Republican nominee. And carrying the torch after four years of Trump revitalizing the Country and rooting out the leftist/Globalist infiltrators and their corruption, DeSantis could have a clear path to the White House.

Instead, he has destroyed his credibility with Conservative America, and possibly sacrificed his entire political future. By flagrantly breaking his solemn promise to the people of Florida not to run for president, which he emphatically vowed during last year’s gubernatorial re-election campaign, he forfeits credibility within his own state. And that may be the “milder” consequence. Though it is all but impossible for him to rally America and win the primary, his campaign holds the potential to sufficiently divide the Conservative base nationwide and peel off just enough votes to ensure a Democrat win in November of 2024, which could deal a fatal blow to the Country.

It is this inevitable fracture among Americans on the right, who sincerely want to see their country wrested from the death spiral in which the left currently has us, that ultimately poses the greatest dilemma for the DeSantis crowd. And by the very necessity to “one up” President Trump in hopes gaining a primary victory, his devotees face the strong likelihood of becoming pawns of the leftists/Globalists and their detestable agenda for the Nation.

The single greatest motivating issue among Trump supporters is their intense desire to rectify the stolen Presidential Election of 2020. And this should absolutely be the case! The 2020 Election, and the flagrant chicanery and treason by which power was criminally seized by the Biden Cabal, constitute the most dangerous attack on America in all of its history and if not reversed, will be a death blow to its heritage as a Constitutional Republic.

Among those who want America to be restored to its greatness as a Nation governed of, by, and for the people, it is fully understood that cleaning out the corruption and treachery by which the 2020 Election theft was perpetrated is absolutely essential. Doing anything less is tantamount to leaving part of a cancerous tumor in place. At this juncture, the rallying effect of this critical mission is immense for President Trump. It is impossible for any other candidate to lay claim as the standard bearer on this all important issue.

This hard reality has forced the DeSantis crowd into what in saner times would be readily recognized as a no win situation. Any suggestions of needing to clean up the corrupt mess in Washington point immediately back to President Trump and the stolen election. So the only remotely feasible strategy for the competition is to insist that the election was legitimate. The inescapable corollary that follows is that Trump’s talk of a stolen election is indeed the assault on the Constitution and the rule of law that the leftist Democrats claim it is, and that the massive protest of January 6, 2021, in which more than a million outraged Americans gathered to voice their anger over the theft, was an “attempted coup.”

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It is on this basis that the lawless and hyper-partisan “January 6 Committee” of leftist Democrats in the Congress dragged on into a two year spectacle of phony moralizing and grandstanding, with no real Republicans present on the committee for proper balance and cross examination of the thoroughly coached and perjured “witnesses.” And as is blatantly obvious, RINOs Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, hand picked by Nancy Pelosi and sitting in between herself and Adam Schiff during the charade, do not count as “Republicans.” They were clearly willing to sell out, and become nothing more than dutiful lackeys of the leftists/Globalists who actually run things inside the Beltway.

So for the DeSantis team to attempt to overtake Donald Trump on his strongest resonating issue, they must dismiss the election theft, and therefore “validate” the disgraceful RINO duplicity of Kinzinger and Cheney along with the other Democrats. This is certainly not the stuff of a great, patriotic endeavor on behalf of America. Even seemingly “indirect” references to “moving forward” or returning D.C. to it’s glory days carry a malignant undercurrent of acceptance and resignation.

The single greatest achievement of President Donald J. Trump, towering above all others, was his exposure of the crooked and deceitful ways of the “bipartisan” ruling class at the highest levels of Government. All efforts of his opponents, whether they be openly leftist Democrat or two-faced RINOs, are directed at returning things to their detestable “business as usual,” in which the shadier a politician is, the more he/she succeeds in gaining power and wealth. That is the sinister stage on which the presidential election cycle of 2024 is set. We cannot afford to fumble that ball at this critical juncture.

Christopher G. Adamo
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