Silent, Empty Dodgers Stadium Sends A Resounding Message

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Silent, Empty Dodgers Stadium Sends A Resounding Message

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Back in the 1980s, in the waning days of Soviet Russia, cracks began to appear in its iron-fisted dominance of so-called “satellite states.” In particular the people of Poland had grown increasingly bold in their rejection of the lies, oppression, and other abominations of Marxism. Though aggressive opposition was still the quickest ticket to arrest and imprisonment, the citizenry had by then become thoroughly disillusioned and disgusted with the edicts and propaganda of the ruling class.

In response, a movement arose which was subtle at first, but quickly gained momentum throughout the nation. It simply amounted to individuals and families leaving their homes and “taking a walk” each night in the evening, precisely during the time that the state controlled “news” was being broadcast. Soon, the streets were filled with strolling pedestrians, smiling and nodding to each other, then returning peaceably to their homes without incident. Yet their defiant message was unmistakable. And it ultimately contributed to a major course correction in Poland, upon the breakup of the Soviet “Empire.”

It is sad that Americans find themselves at a similar precipice. Though we are told no Gulag or other official bludgeon of free expression yet exists, the handwriting is on the wall. Still, the response of people who have known freedom and see it being wrested from them, even in such a murky societal cesspool as Los Angeles, is once again unmistakable. Of course the leftist Fake News propagandists are now attempting to suppress any discussion of the event, because it clearly did not go as they had hoped.

On Friday, June 16 2023, a major pillar of the leftist counterculture came crashing to the ground in front of the entire Nation. That was when the actual exhibition of degrading perversion, performed by the homosexual/drag group known as the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” finally took place at the opening of the Dodgers/Giants game. It came after several weeks of loud controversy, in which the Dodgers’ invitation to the loathsome group was announced, then cancelled, then re-established under pressure. The planned performance received loud sanctimony and endorsements from the media and every prominent countercultural leftist with a microphone. But on Friday, despite the program going ahead as originally scheduled, the stadium was virtually empty!

Prior to game day, the spectacle was a topic of widespread discussion, when the leftists believed they could make a major statement against America and decency. The “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” freak show was billed as an exhibition with mass appeal to the general public. Yet in its wake, the fiasco is barely being given any coverage, since it ran so thoroughly counter to the leftist narrative with its claims of the homosexual and transsexual agenda now being “mainstream,” and only a tiny “hateful fringe” on the right opposing them.

After all of the buildup and sanctimony, condemning critics with standard leftist labels of “homophobia” and their newest invention “transphobia,” Dodgers Stadium, typically full on a normal game night, held barely a few hundred throughout its vast capacity of fifty-six thousand. A far greater number attended a protest of the event, held outside the stadium. The mask was taken off, proving that it is the countercultural agenda and its advocacy of every form of moral and sexual deviancy that is the actual tiny fringe on the far left. Mainstream America remains mainstream, and rooted on solid ground.

The real message of last Friday, which needs to be fully understood and spread across America, is that the deafening silence in the empty bleachers was not just a rebuff to the profane extremists giving their profane performance, but to all those who supported it. The mainstream of society may not loudly decry their obscenity and perversion as they should, but the mainstream of society soundly rejects them! Americans, even in the “Belly of the Beast” of Los Angeles California, did not embrace the madness.

For better or worse, Christians/Conservatives do not engage in the sort of hysterical, ranting “protests” as do the leftists. By nature, they do not hold such behavior in high regard. Furthermore, even fervent expressions of Patriotic opposition to leftist outrages against America, such as J6 (which unlike leftist/antifa/BLM marauding, arson, and murder, was actually a peaceful protest), are so loudly condemned by sanctimonious leftists that too many on the Right become hesitant to even speak out. That needs to change! It is no coincidence that during the same span of time of the Dodgers controversy, Anheuser Busch has lost $28.7 billion dollars in value, after hiring “drag queen” Dylan Mulvaney to promote its previously popular Budweiser beer.

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In quiet, courageous resolve, the people of Poland engaged in passive rejection of the state sponsored Communist propaganda, which ultimately originated in the Kremlin. Sadly, the dismantling of America’s moral foundations have been so intense, and so effective, that the Christian Conservative base frequently musters even less resolve in the face of mockery/derision (the weapons of radicals, per Saul Alinsky) than the people of Poland showed in defiance of the totalitarian Marxist state. Though this amounts to unwarranted leftist success, it is now glaringly obvious that it does not reflect a genuine change of heart among the people on “Main Street.”

Politicians had better take note. Seeming passivity by the good people of this Country does not constitute an “endorsement” of leftist moral/cultural rot, in any of its expressions. It is flatly wrong, and damaging to the country to play to the lunacy of the counterculture under any circumstances. Those aspiring politicians who get this message wrong and choose the wrong side, based on presumed “expedience,” prove themselves wholly unfit to serve in office now, or ever in the future. Real America must recognize its collective strength, and be willing to wield it against the insidious onslaught of the left.

Christopher G. Adamo
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