Confronting the Societal Madness of Leftist Mob “Virtue”

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Confronting the Societal Madness of Leftist Mob “Virtue”

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The July 10, 2023 NBC “news” report breathlessly cheered that a “transgender woman” has just won the Miss Netherlands pageant and will now appear in the Miss Universe competition later this year. Another so-called “transgender” is reportedly going to participate in the upcoming Puerto Rican competition.

On the same day, it was reported that thirty-eight percent of students at Brown University, an “Ivy League” college in Rhode Island, claim to be something other than heterosexual. This number is several times the national “average” as determined by polling data collected throughout the country in recent years. Both situations are cause for concern, though not for the reasons that might be immediately presumed.

Yes, Western Culture is going through a total moral/spiritual meltdown. And yes, telling the truth about virtually anything, including the actual gender of an individual as a result of genetics, is becoming increasingly taboo, to the point of criminality in jurisdictions that have been more “progressive” in their tumble down the “slippery slope.” But a deeper examination of the real dynamics behind the rationale and strategy of homosexual and “trans” ideology portends something that has yet to fully rear its hideously ugly head. And if it isn’t stopped, when it does actually fully manifest itself, many who helped create the monster will be surprised to find themselves to be casualties of it.

The real news from the Netherlands was not that a biological male could be sufficiently altered through unnatural hormones and surgical mutilation to the point where he might actually outperform and appear in a superior manner to genuine females in a competition celebrating femininity. Rather, this was an ominous milestone of abandoned reason, replaced by “group think,” in which competition judges were either threatened ahead of time, peer pressured by each other, or otherwise manipulated into choosing the male contestant for social/political reasons alone.

Similarly, the Brown University poll is in no way reflective of the actual attractions and social interactions of students. What is instead made evident by the poll is the manner in which students are first pummeled with leftist counterculture ideology decrying sexual normalcy as “narrow minded” and “bigoted.” Next, they are encouraged to “explore” every form of confusion on the subject, instilling doubts of normalcy and openness to the “superiority” of breaching moral boundaries.

In a similar manner, gullible college kids have been ideologically manipulated for years, opening the door to such absurdities as their supposed affinity for socialism, though they haven’t the least awareness of how that system would thoroughly shut down most of the amusements and luxuries they now enjoy. So, having made the jump from “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” into the empty promises of Marx, leftists at the upper levels of school administrations now seek to include the moral debasement that invariably accompanies its Godless and morally vacant economic precepts.

Essential to this strategy is the all important adoption of a “herd” mindset, whereby the proclamations of the leaders are presumed to be unassailable, and that any questioning or deviation from them is somehow heretical. Once a mob can be detached from rational thought, and reassembled in such a condition, it becomes mindlessly obedient to those in charge.

Leftists accomplish this through a time-tested program of mind control. Through bullying and shaming of any who dare dissent, they create a subculture of “us versus them” in which only those who ascribe to the leftist/counterculture “orthodoxy” can claim to be the “enlightened.” Any who refuse to comply are denigrated and dismissed as ignorant, backward, and bigoted.

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Make no mistake! In America’s current cultural implosion, counterculture activists all see themselves as Rosa Parks, who turned the tide on segregation when she refused to sit in the back of the bus. Yet the modern “cause” has nothing to do with equality under the law or respect for the rights of others. It is a fanatical and relentless demand for total assent to deviant and even psychotic behavior. No latitude exists for coexistence or resistance.

These countercultural leftists are consumed by a toxic combination of arrogance and moral depravity, to the point that they willingly and completely detach themselves from reality, in order to passionately promote their oh so worthy objectives. Eventually, they become capable of anything. We’ve seen it throughout history with inevitably disastrous results. The only cure is a dose of reality, delivered with sufficient energy that it breaks through their walls of denial. At that point, the entire leftist/counterculture construct begins to collapse. On these defining issues, a resolute devotion to the truth, and the courage to boldly speak it, is needed now more than ever.

Christopher G. Adamo
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