Beware! Twitter Revelations Will Not Automatically Fix Everything

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Beware! Twitter Revelations Will Not Automatically Fix Everything

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Americans who love the truth and embrace the great ideals of our Nation are at once elated and outraged over the information being uncovered at Twitter, per the direction of its new owner, Elon Musk. While it is great to have the truth finally exposed to the light of day (and Musk is a National Hero for doing so), the abominable extent of the manipulations and coordination between former leftie Twitter execs and the Democrat political machine back in the Washington Swamp exceeds any expectations.

The effort was obviously to suppress free speech regarding the flagrant, criminal corruption in the Biden camp, especially dealing with son Hunter. Simultaneously, Twitter was working to amplify Democrat talking points to such an extent that they would overpower any rumblings of truth from the Conservative/Patriot opposition. And it cannot be denied that this conspiracy enjoyed significant success. Still, the American people were not fooled into believing that Biden was a worthwhile, or even a viable candidate. Otherwise, all of the vast cheating that the Nation witnessed in the wee hours of November 4, 2020, the morning after the phony presidential election, would not have been necessary for leftists to seize power.

Currently, many on the right are loudly trumpeting the findings, with the expectation that something tangible might be done to right the wrongs that ensued, due in part to the deliberate suppression of pertinent information. Certainly, the “mainstream” media would want to keep the American people fully informed, since that is who they incessantly claim to be, and how they sanctimoniously insist that they operate. And in a just world, that would certainly be the case.

Unfortunately, painful experience has shown otherwise, and America should be preparing for the impending deflections and backlash from every leftist Fake News outlet. That is simply who they are, and how they predictably respond. Efforts will be made first to ignore the entire situation. But when that doesn’t work, the entire Fake News machine will immediately switch the narrative in order to trivialize the situation, if not completely dismiss it. The prospect of the leftist media actually doing the right thing and addressing the criminal corruption and cover up is simply not realistic, especially since doing so would amount to a total admission of guilt and complicity on their part.

Another hoped for scenario is that the new, “Republican” dominated Congress will take up investigations of both the Twitter election interference, and the criminal actions of the Biden Cabal, with a goal of seeing that justice is served. Again, this would absolutely be the right course to take, for the purpose of restoring integrity in the highest levels of American Government. But the prospects of things actually working out in this manner are dubious, at best.

If we are to learn from the painful lessons of history, we should be expecting a major show of indignation from the GOP, complete with hearings in which great sound bite speeches are given by key players, eloquently excoriating the Democrats and their Twitter collaborators. That’s the stuff of alternative media interviews and fund-raising letters, and this is a golden opportunity for more of the same.

Unfortunately, past experiences have yielded just such theatrics on a grand scale. Yet when the time came to take all of it to the next level, meaning indictments and prosecutions, everything grew strangely silent. The whole episode had served its “real” purpose, which was to give the Republican Party a moment in the spotlight from which to vigorously pat itself on the back. But any further action might involve messy legal maneuvers and, horror of horrors, being labeled as “mean spirited” on the nightly news. So the decision was made, behind closed doors, to simply move on to other topics. Thus the cancer remained in place.

Consider the previous atrocities against the Constitution and the rule of law that have not resulted in legal action of any substance, despite being egregious abuses of power and position. From Lois Lerner weaponizing the IRS against Conservatives (clearly under the direction of Obama), to Hillary’s flagrant solicitation of bribes on that “unofficial” server, to the Stasi style FBI attacks on political enemies of the leftist state, to the judicial rubber stamping of warrants putting a “fig leaf” on all of it, a dangerous pattern of leftist assaults on the American people, emanating from high office, has emerged in recent years that threatens the very fabric of our Nation.

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Plenty of evidence exists to characterize these abuses and over-reaches as criminal activity, with the obvious intent of reducing Americans under absolute despotism (as the founders would have described all of it). Here again, a deflection is flippantly given, to the extent that despite massive evidence, we ostensibly have no “proof” that crimes were committed. Think: James Comey covering for Hillary’s treasonous behavior with that private server. In his official statement, he simply dismissed her very deliberate actions as benign, while warning that similar behavior would be diligently pursued and prosecuted, were it committed by mere commoners.

On cue, the leftist Fake News crowd derides any discussion of those events as “old news,” willfully ignoring the fact that the pattern was set in motion for everything to get considerably worse ever since. Meanwhile, we should be concerned (we are told), that Donald Trump used his Twitter account to say mean things about leftists/Democrats.

Come January, Republicans will once more hold the majority in the House of Representatives, where so much horrendous abuse has occurred during the past four years. Barring a major push from the grassroots, the Republican “Establishment” will once again likely attempt to give Americans just enough of a show to “blow off steam,” while actually accomplishing nothing. If this is the chosen course of incoming Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other of the Republican “Inner Circle,” it should be regarded as nothing short of total collaboration with the Democrats.

The time for “collegiality” and “rising above the rancor” has passed. America is at a dangerous crossroads, and being in a position of power, the GOP will either deal effectively with the outright crimes and treason of leftists in power, or it must be expunged of “Republicans” who betray their Party and the American people.

Christopher G. Adamo
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