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Gates, Fauci and Jim Jones: What Do They Have in Common?

Trump has not divided the country or the world. Rather, he was a bearer of the bold truth that compromised politicians before him failed to declare.

Bill Gates: A Finger in Every Pie

Bill Gates has been able to disguise his evil empire by transforming the appearance of his evil deeds by becoming the purveyor of all things good: a ...

The Coming of Another Holocaust?

Australia has already built and is in the process of building additional camps for the unvaccinated. No, the Australian government didn't start building them ...

President Trump’s Alabama Rally: A New Era?

President Donald J. Trump, 45th president of the United States, spoke to a crowd of thousands in Alabama Saturday night. His presence was electrifying.

A Post America World-Afghanistan Is Just the Beginning

Afghanistan has far-reaching effects. All nations that previously depended upon American military might and financial support have learned that the U.S. no ...

Employee Discrimination and the Covid-19 Vaccine

Additional action taken by businesses and municipalities to force employees to get the vaccine are resulting in discriminatory action against the ...

Senator Rand Paul Suspended from YouTube

The senator said he considered it a badge of honor to be banned by "left-wing cretins at YouTube". His video can be viewed at Liberty Tree.

It’s Time for Us to Resist!

Senator Paul warned that we should not accept Biden's agencies mandates or lockdowns. He advised everyone not to follow "the CDC's anti-science mask mandates."

Partners in Crime? Twitter and Government

Twitter collaborated with governmental entities, giving them access to content and the ability to flag or delete content with which they disagree.

Walmart requires Mandatory Vaccine by October 4

Walmart just issued a vaccine mandate to all corporate staff and managers! Will other businesses follow suit?

Trump: We Are Living in a Communist Country

As Trump noted in the speech, a telltale sign of a Communist nation is the lack of a free press. All but a few of the media networks suppress coverage of the ...

Why the Two-Tiered Justice System?

Those elites that have a seat at the table have ushered in a system that does not "offer conditions of equal treatment to all citizens. Rather, it sanctions ...

The Knock on the Door: What Is the Left Planning Next?

In keeping with their plot to blame Conservatives and Trump supporters for their own crimes and misdeeds, they now pretend to protect the country from ...

Punishing Conservatives for the Crimes of the Left

News broke recently that the FBI itself infiltrated the rally at the Capitol for the express purpose of causing violence with the intent to accuse President ...

Israel and Conservatives: In Defense of Life and Liberty

The country is falling apart at the seams. Law and order has dissolved into anarchy by both Marxist resistors and paid-off politicians.

Maricopa County, Arizona: Voting Machine Database Records Completely Erased!

Fann has extended an invite to the Maricopa County Board and election officials to attend a meeting at the Arizona State Capitol on May 18, 2021. The waiting ...

The Mask Police Are Coming and You’re Next!

Gone are the days of freedom of worship and freedom to make one's own choices regarding dress or medical treatment. Soon will come the day in which employment, ...

Unaccompanied Minors: The Latest Goldmine

The Biden administration has offered a no-bid contract worth about $530 million to a Texas non-profit that hired a Biden transition official, Andrew ...

The Administrative State: The Antithesis to the Constitution

Control by the administrative state over every aspect of the population’s lives has been routinely weaving a web in which the public, convinced that control by ...

BLM Strikes Again: The Two-Tiered Justice System

The question we must ask is: for how long has the seeping corruption of the justice system been infiltrating the very fiber of our society to transform it from ...

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