The Coming of Another Holocaust?

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Australia has already built and is in the process of building additional camps for the unvaccinated. No, the Australian government didn't start building them after the Coronavirus outbreak.

Trump: We Are Living in a Communist Country

As Trump noted in the speech, a telltale sign of a Communist nation is the lack of a free press. All but a few of the media networks suppress coverage of the findings of the Arizona Audit. All but a few media sources publish the shocking revelation of the FBI’s involvement in the January 6th Capitol protest and the fake kidnapping attempt of Governor Whitmer of Michigan, almost wholly perpetrated by the FBI and its informants.

Why the Two-Tiered Justice System?

Those elites that have a seat at the table have ushered in a system that does not "offer conditions of equal treatment to all citizens. Rather, it sanctions unequal privilege for those who have seat at the table...." And those who support those elites are showered with favoritism, not justice.

The Knock on the Door: What Is the Left Planning Next?

In keeping with their plot to blame Conservatives and Trump supporters for their own crimes and misdeeds, they now pretend to protect the country from potential harm by sending their own failed Capitol Police force to encroach on the rights of citizens in their own states.

Maricopa County, Arizona: Voting Machine Database Records Completely Erased!

Fann has extended an invite to the Maricopa County Board and election officials to attend a meeting at the Arizona State Capitol on May 18, 2021. The waiting public and auditors shall see if these attempts to rectify the egregious display of unethical behavior on the part of the Democrats will bear fruit.