Employee Discrimination and the Covid-19 Vaccine

The Real Statistics

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If only the real statistics and facts on the Covid-19 vaccine were permitted to be published by the mass media. Surely, there would be outrage about the forcing of vaccinations in order to keep one’s job or eat out, travel to any location and participate in a variety of activities. 

According to Wayne Allen Root of the Gateway Pundit, “(the) forced vaccination with an experimental “for emergency use only” shot…has directly led to death and injury for over 500,000 Americans.” The author explains that these statistics do not come from some greatly exaggerated or fabricated tale, stating “it comes from the US government and CDC-connected vaccine adverse event reporting system called VAERS.”

He notes that this data reveals that the number of deaths is greater than the combined death and injury data caused by every vaccine administered in the past thirty years. Moreover, in Europe, the vaccine has caused over 20,000 deaths. More than two million have suffered from injuries from the vaccine in the EU. 

Claims that state the vaccine prevents more serious infections of the virus are not supported by the data. Root reports “In Israel, doctors report as many as 95% of the hospitalized are vaccinated… How about closer to home. In Massachusetts, there are 9,969 “breakthrough cases” of the vaccinated with Covid and over 100 vaccinated are dead of Covid. That’s reported by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.”

Discrimination Against Non-Vaccinated Employees

Additional action taken by businesses and municipalities to force employees to get the vaccine are resulting in discriminatory action against the non-vaccinated employees. Employees can lose their jobs. In some cases, municipalities are implementing discriminatory practices that needlessly subject employees to monetary loss. 

In San Antonio, Texas, the city is now mandating unvaccinated employees (although asymptomatic) quarantine for a minimum of two weeks of potentially unpaid time off after being exposed. Potentially up to 24 days or more. Vaccinated employees who are asymptomatic are not required to quarantine after being exposed. The financial loss for the unvaccinated who exert their rights to choose or refrain from medical treatment could be devasting. A ploy to force (without forcing) unwanted vaccinations.

San Antonio in Violation of Texas Governor’s S.B. No. 968?

However, Texas now has laws prohibiting government entities from requiring proof of vaccination from customers. Unfortunately, the law does not protect employees. According to Ogletree Deakins, “On June 7, 2021, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law legislation that prohibits government entities from requiring individuals to provide evidence of COVID-19 vaccination status and strongly discourages private businesses in Texas from requiring what has become known as “COVID-19 vaccine passports” from customers. This new law is effective immediately.”

Is the City of San Antonio in violation of the legislation passed by Governor Greg Abbott if they are now requiring proof of vaccination from an employee to avoid quarantining of asymptomatic employees? Not in this case. Nevertheless, the City of San Antonio would, apparently, be in violation of constitutional law should they require proof of vaccination from an employee said to have been exposed to the virus. Regardless, the City of San Antonio has shown itself willing to disregard the governor’s common sense executive orders and has sued to reinstate mask mandates on city property.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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Civil Rights Infringements

What this comes down to is the need for employees to rely on the Constitution and the protections it affords. This enters the arena of a violation of an employee’s civil rights. However, forcing an employee to provide proof of vaccination also violates constitutional rights. There must rise to the challenge legal experts not compromised by the current Biden/Democrat/ leftist administration to assist the employees.

In the meantime, if only the city would protect and prioritize its citizens’ well-being over supporting and caring for thousands of illegal immigrants, many of whom are infected with Covid-19. According to the Border Report,U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, said that hundreds of released migrant families now also are being sent to San Antonio by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials.” Will the city gain a conscience?

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