The Coming of Another Holocaust?

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Will the Unvaxxed Only Be the First?

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During the reign of the Nazis in Germany when the Jewish people were first corralled into ghettos, only to later be hauled off to concentration camps from which there was no planned release, the Jewish people were not the only ones to be slaughtered in the camps. Other “undesirables” such as the Romani gypsies were also led like sheep to the slaughter.

Others rounded up by the regime were gay people, resistance fighters, people with disabilities (yesteryear’s Covid-19 patients?), anarchists and those who adhered to non-mainstream religion. Anyone that didn’t fit the accepted profile of that world order was considered not fit to live. The CDC now has their accepted terminology for their targets.

The new Democrat Socialist New World Order is clearly defining its list of undesirable outcasts: any conservative that resists Critical Race Theory and the current and future discrimination against white people currently infiltrating a myriad of governmental entities and businesses is certainly at the top of their list of targets. Anyone who dared to support President Trump and rally against proof positive election fraud on January 6th, 2020 is at the top of their list!

No Civil Rights for Conservatives!

It has come to the attention of some members of Congress that some attendees of President Trump’s Jan. 6th rally in Washington, D.C. that have been arrested are being denied access to medicine, water and simple hygiene products. According to the Gateway Pundit, political prisoner Chris Worrell has been denied access to his cancer treatment medications for almost six months! He also has been forced to go without access to water for up to 7 hours!

Worrell’s only supposed crime was using pepper spray on violent leftist agitators. His intent was to protect law enforcement and the FBI has not been able to prove any claim against him yet has denied him bail. Chris is only one of the many conservative Jan. 6th political prisoners whose civil rights are being trampled in the mud.

Another political prisoner, guilty of “Thought Crimes”, was sent back to jail because he dared to watch a program by Mike Lindell and violated his pre-trial release agreement, and “admitted he’d spent two days watching the Cyber Symposium, an event organized by pillow manufacturer and leading Stop the Steal advocate Mike Lindell.

No longer are the real terrorists, Antifa and BLM who have actually caused million of dollars worth of damage across the nation, even considered by the Justice Department as worthy of prosecution. Simple patriots, God-loving, patriotic moral agents are now mislabeled with names such as “white Nationalists” for merely resisting the propaganda and brainwashing tactics of the left that seeks to mold the minds of youth from kindergarten through college and on to the adults in every institution.

Concentration Camps for the Unvaxxed, Conservatives and All New World Order Misfits

Australia has already built and is in the process of building additional camps for the unvaccinated. No, the Australian government didn’t start building them after the Coronavirus outbreak. Somehow, they were able to predict the need for camps for the unvaccinated before Covid-19 had even hit the headlines. The Gateway Pundit’s Julian Conradson wrote on the issue, noting, “The Government of Australia will be building what they call a “mandatory quarantine accommodation” which is set to open its first phase in “early 2022.” This will be the second of such facilities in the country and when it is finished it will be able to hold up to 3,000 in isolation as they quarantine.”

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But before they ship anyone off to the vaxx camps, they are ensuring they are rounded up within their modern day “Warsaw ghettos”. Australian military is policing neighborhoods and “Nearly 1 million residents are banned from leaving their neighborhood for work because a man in his 80s died from/with Covid…Anti-lockdown protests erupted in Sydney this week because Aussies are sick of the restrictions. So now Australia is using the military to enforce their lockdown…”.

It’s Coming to the U.S.

Australia might be easier to control because of its distance from other nations, leaving few options for escape except for the formidable Outback. However, it seems that plans are in the works to isolate anti-vaxxers from the rest of the population. First they would be restricted to their neighborhoods. Then, perhaps after failing to be coerced into taking the so-called vaccine, they will be compelled to be shipped of for their health’s sake and the sake of their countrymen to the camp facilities for the unvaxxed.

The National Guard recently posted a job listing on Indeed for Internment Resettlement Specialist. According to the National File, “A leaked U.S. Headquarters of the Army document entitled “INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS” describes an official category of detained person called “civilian internee.” A Department of Defense Directive published below discussed “civilian internees” and made it clear that military detainees can be U.S. citizens.

The article goes on to quote the DoD that states “In the DoD directive, the term “unprivileged belligerent” is defined as “An individual who is not entitled to the distinct privileges of combatant status (e.g., combatant immunity), but who by engaging in hostilities has incurred the corresponding liabilities of combatant status. Examples of unprivileged belligerents are: Individuals who have forfeited the protections of civilian status by joining or substantially supporting an enemy non-state armed group in the conduct of hostilities. Combatants who have forfeited the privileges of combatant status by engaging in spying, sabotage, or other similar acts behind enemy lines.”

The Organic Prepper discusses how these initiatives to begin to separate those from society who prefer not to receive the vaccine (up until now, a right) writing, “Then the American government created a course discussing how to mass quarantine rural Americans effectively. And, the National Guard began going door-to-door with public health workers to “convince” people to get their shots.”

It’s not too hard to conclude that, as patriotic Americans are denied their civil rights and are currently being hounded and imprisoned unjustly for political purposes, they will also be detained along with those who dare to resist the orders to defile their bodies against their will with a “vaccine” with side effects that outweigh any health benefit.

World Resistance to the Great Reset Takeover

Not only are Americans and Australians speaking out against the violation of their human rights in the forcing of vaccinations with vaccine mandates and passports for an increasing number of both essential and non-essential actions.

Europe has a mounting opposition to imposed vaccine passport mandates as seen in protests staged by Germany’s and France’s alert population. The Epoch Times noted that nine demonstrations scheduled for August 28th were banned by German police. Yet, as reported by The Globe and Mail, thousands of people marched in Berlin in unauthorized protests against the vaccine mandates on August 29th. The violations for which police arrested protestors was not only violence but “with a focus on…those calling for violations of coronavirus regulations.” At least the populations realize that it is the entire race of humans the global elites want to enslave.

For Whom Will the Camps Be?

Taking into consideration that the leftist Democrat ruling class of elites chooses to exonerate the crimes of its lackeys such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter and all who commit crimes of treason such as election fraud and Dr. Mengele type experimentation on the world’s citizens, it leads one to the conclusion that the camps will be for anyone who dares to speak or stand against the onslaught against the very human race itself. Is the Vaccine Passport a forerunner of the predicted Mark of the Beast of Revelations Chapters 13 and 14? Or is it merely a passing phase of global change? But, let not history speak to our failure to speak for our and all humanity. It has come to that!

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