Gates, Fauci and Jim Jones: What Do They Have in Common?

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Will You Follow Like Sheep?

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There are many who can still remember Jim Jones and his followers who were duped into swallowing the poisoned Kool Aid. Many have asked how so many could follow blindly like sheep and swallow that “poison pill” rather than take a stand and free themselves from the cult, Jim Jones, and his control. 

There certainly are similarities between the leader of that sect and modern gurus Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci who portray themselves as bearers of light bringing with them answers to pandemics, world food shortages and population growth while they wield their monetary power to force our nation’s and the world’s communities to drink the Kool-Aid of a money-making pharmaceutical immuno-therapy masquerading as a vaccine. 

We have seen this vaccine cause as much harm as the good it supposedly brings. Teens have lost a future in sports as their hearts have become enlarged. A Denver police officer forced to take the vaccine at his job has lost his power to walk, work, and care for his kids. The list goes on. Yet, some march as sheep to the slaughter while the truly woke lose jobs and livelihoods.

We must also ask how so many from every socioeconomic level and every background, from degree-holding professionals across the spectrum of all trades, have fallen for the “Kool-Aid” dished out by mainstream media. Is it merely the sifting of the chaff from the wheat?

We cannot simply say that a certain type of education can give the insight needed to navigate the onslaught of mainstream media disinformation that posits itself to be a bearer of fact. One can readily observe that the line drawn in the sand between the world’s population, a line that divides the Marxist New World Order globalist lackeys from Patriots of every nation who stand to defend God-given human rights is becoming more conspicuous by the day.

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

Some have recently blamed President Trump for dividing the country. One can see how the entire world itself was divided as the nation’s populations sided with either Trump or the globalists (or at least were forced to cower under the tyrannical new order). The 45th president of the United States inspired the world and the effects are still resonating in communities spurring them to stand against the forces that have almost toppled the greatest nation built on Godly precepts.

Trump has not divided the country or the world. Rather, he was a bearer of the bold truth that compromised politicians before him failed to declare. And the truth declared has woken many out of the hypnotic deep sleep of the media propaganda meant to dissolve the foundations of faith in God and the precepts upon which the United States grew based on that faith, a faith in the existence of God-given rights spurring the formation of a government that was formed to protect those rights, a standard bearer to the world.

Shall the truly woke stand together to speak against the dissolution of their constitutional rights? The wheat is being separated from the chaff. It’s our last chance!

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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