Soviet Fascism’s Expansion in America

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Ideology runs the world. The Obama legacy and his Global Program is much bigger than you think. It is a copy of Stalin’s project for a One World Socialist Government Under the Kremlin’s Rule—well-crafted and decorated with buzz words. A repetition of the design created by Stalin/Andropov and described by me for years. Their devoted disciple Vladimir Putin is promoting it today. Very little has changed in the world of ideology since Stalin/Andropov design—Russia and China are working together again. They are connected by an umbilical cord of the Ideology, and they are building, participating and developing a Global Spy Ring today…

The Chinese Covid-19 has brought enormous harm to the population of the globe-over 3 million deaths and millions of family’s much suffering. America lost 650 thousands of its citizens, more than we lost in WWI, WWII and the Cold War combined. Yet, the Chinese virus has brought even more surprises—our “superior technology” can’t find the origin of the virus for almost two years.  It is an infuriating story! All of that happened because we don’t know the Chinese Intel. Yes, we don’t know Chinese Intel, because we demonstrate no knowledge of Russia, her Intel, and Socialist/Communist modus operandi.

Ideology Runs the World–Knowledge is Power

I realized that shortly after immigration to the U.S. when my English allowed me to learn politics in America. Leon Trotsky was right saying that “permanent revolution has its own art.” Yes, and the main part of this Art is the ideology and Socialist/Communist modus operandi. Living half of my life in Soviet Russia, I felt the constant control and power of the ideology there. But only in America, by studying and researching the subject, while writing my books and columns, have I finally grasped the sinister and diabolic essence of the ideology and its modus operandi.

American pundits relentlessly assured us after the Cold War that we are a Superpower militarily and we had defeated Fascism and Communism. It is not completely correct. We defeated Nazi Germany by conquering it militarily, and we made Russian Socialist economy to collapse, but we have not crushed nor rooted out the ideology of Fascism or Communism. They are two sides of the same coin and intellectually and cerebrally we have not been able to defeat them yet. American history of the last decade proves it—Fascism and Communism are well and very alive globally even in 2021 American politics. You can see their longevity in America and the world today, as I will try to analyze the platform they share…

We are quite well familiar with the ugly crimes committed by Nazi Germany. Americans saw the trenches full of corpses, and know about Doctor Mengele experimenting with children’s bodies. We are now in a deep discussion of Holocaust, the killing of 6 million Jews—a major feature of Nazi ideology—Anti-Semitism. Yet, we had no clue and know nothing about the crimes committed by Stalin’s Soviet Socialism, which I have renamed Soviet fascism. Russian writer Solzhenitsyn counted 60 million killed by Stalin, other researches have believed up to 80 million were killed and perished during Stalin’s Purges and Show Trials. Stalinism introduced to America a deep seated hatred, viciousness, and unprecedented venom of violence…

There is a direct line in the course and events from the current crises in America and Russia in the 20th century. There are two direct lines of the course and events from the current crises in America to Russia and China in 21st century. All of that, I have described in my books and columns during the last thirty-five years. But my books have been sabotaged and banned many times to prevent you from knowing the Truth. Despite the corruption of our media and the FBI, I have continued writing my columns, published in E-magazine by American patriot and retired military man—Dr. Rich Swier. My sincere gratitude to him for his love of America and courage…

Reading my column: From Uncle Joe #1 to Uncle Joe #2, March 8. 21, you will get the information nobody in America is talking about, the data of the Stalinist crimes in the 20th century directly connected to the events in the current America today. The invasion on our Southern border by the migrants and thousands of unaccompanied children is part of WWIII designed by Stalin/Andropov—a successful continuation of Stalinism in America. Please remember: Putin is weaponizing migration globally. When a man from American Space Program called China “our friendly adversary,” my jaw has dropped. America doesn’t know the enemy! America doesn’t understand who is creating the chaos and why there is a violent crime surge in the major cities of the country! The answer is clear to me…

Putin’s Socialist Revolution in America

Today in June 2021 America is ignorant of Putin’s Socialist revolution in America. The revolution is organized and proceeding in two directions: from the top by the President’s executive orders and from the bottom by an incredible violence in the states run by the Democrat party. Those who know the Russian history, her Intel and Socialist/Communist modus operandi can see the repetition of the same attributes of the Russian Socialist Revolution 1917 in America. Read my books and columns.

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The narrative of the ‘virus escaping from the lab’ is laughable—nothing can escape from the military installation, run by an intelligent agency created by Stalin in the 20th century. Tell me about the event or something that has escaped Putin’s KGB? Both Putin’s KGB and the Chinese Intel have been built with a design, uniting the Military and Intel to work in tandem—the Intel is a para-military agency. The years after Stalin’s death had given both agencies the opportunity to greatly develop themselves technologically and otherwise, which they did.  If you know Russia, her Intel, and Socialist/Communist modus operandi, you will recognize a common platform and agenda the two share.

To remember the arsenal of tools used by Socialist Charlatans in fighting Western civilization, I deliberately repeated their modus operandi: lies, deceit, and fraud, propaganda, symbols, and slogans, manipulations, provocations, intimidation threat, and violence… Watch the third Manchurian President, Biden. He can’t read a teleprompter, the text his staffers prepared for him. He is a total fraud and the Dems are building a cult of personality of a demented man the way they did it with Obama. People are in fear to ask them questions, like it was under Stalin in the Soviet Russia—nobody dared asking Stalin any questions…

Watch Biden’s administration and you will find this modus operandi, these tools are being used permanently to solidify control and POWER. The Democrats are operating in the best traditions of Stalinism, deceiving, defrauding, and misleading you. Moreover, they operate in concert with Russia/Chinese Intel against the American interests… You witness them every day… Just look at this couple…

The Odd Couple: Dr. Fauci and Nancy Pelosi

While it seems that they are the odd couple, in fact, they are not. In respect to Dr. Fauci, he is definitely a working contradiction and he is in trouble. Republicans suspect him acting against the American interests and raising the need for investigation, they are ramping up calls for Dr. Fauci to resign. Some in the American gov. and medical elite want to prevent the investigation of coronavirus origins, because it will open a can of worms: They want the lab probe and Investigation of COVID origins to disappear. Who is behind COVID origins cover-up? You can answer the question knowing Russia, her Intel, and Socialist/Communist modus operandi… I believe that COVID-19 was deliberately engineered to kill. Read my column 12.21.20 Russian/Chinese Intel: Carousel and COVID-19 in America

I am not a scientist and am approaching the issue from the stand point of national security risk. As a matter of fact, I didn’t like Dr. Fauci in the beginning, when I found out that he has a long-term relationship with the W.H.O. Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus. This alliance had threaten me, because I knew who Tedros was and wrote about him, 10-15 years ago. History again plays a role, by presenting additional information and knowledge. Please remember: when you hear the word Oil—think Russia. The one of the major commodity for international trade in Russia is Oil. That is why foreign policy and trade are intertwined:

In the beginning of the 1970s, Soviet/Russian expansion in the aquatoria of Gulf of Aden has started by initiating a civil war in Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Yemen to bring Socialism in those countries to secure the oil trade to the world. It was a continuation of Stalin’s WWIII in Africa with the same formula and practice: Recruitment, Infiltration, Drugs, and Assassinations. It was the time when Dr. Tedros was recruited, many other people from Somalia, Kenya, and Yemen had become KGB agents. Knowing the history of Soviet/Russia expansion and modus operandi could open many dead cases, never resolved in America. I would advise the FBI to check the ‘Squad” and Rep. Omar’s Somalian community…

Now I can answer why investigation of coronavirus origins “can open a can of worms.” I know what it means, writing about the real Russia Collusion with the Dems leadership, I was writing about it for the last thirty-five years, pursuing the Truth and my writings being sabotaged and banned many times. Yes, Russian Collusion is a fact in reality of America—a Collusion of Russia with the leadership of the Democrat Party. Everything you have witnessed during the last five years was an attempt of Socialist Charlatans to cover-up their collusion in the best traditions of Stalinism to accuse Trump of the crime they had committed.… Remember Stalinist postulate: Never admit crime committed, instead accuse the opponent in this exact crime.

This cover-up continues today when Speaker Nancy Pelosi was rushing for 9/11 commission style–a farce for many reasons. The goal of the Jan. 6th commission is not intended to objectively investigate the case, rather politicize and criminalize the Republican Party, as Stalin had done with the leaders of the opposition. “It is a Travesty to compare an event on Capitol January 6, 2021 to attacks on 9/11, when more than 3 thousands children never saw their parents again. On Jan. 6, our Congress returned to work within hours.” Besides, the 9/11 commission failed miserably. Read here: From Uncle Joe #1 to Uncle Joe #2 March 8. 2021

I suspect Pelosi before that, when she executed the Trump Impeachment. I was stunned by her announcement of Impeachment in November 2019–she has stolen from American citizens our favorable festivity—Christmas celebration. Then, I didn’t know the reason of her hurrying to Impeach Trump in the very heart of the Season of Christmas. I had no staff to investigate the reason. Later on, when Pandemic came, I got the reason of her behavior—she had known that the coronavirus was on its way to America. I don’t know who had informed her. It could be Erik, who slept with the Chinese spy, or Dr. Fauci who was in a constant contact with the Chinese Communist Party. At any rate, our country is deeply infiltrated by its enemies, they are demonizing America and dividing us!

The Dems are waging a war against the First and Second Amendments. They want us to be silent and disarmed, like the people under Stalin and Hitler, where Purges and killings prevailed. There are other signs of Soviet fascism in in America: When crooks demand ransom you should know they are coming from “the Axis of Evil.” Read my column about “the Axis of Evil” under the Kremlin’s supervision. Soviet fascism has no race or ethnicity, it attacks the language of all targets and profanity reigns. There is no more Russian language of Pushkin or Chekhov—Russian language is now a jargon. Watch the English in America and you will notice the same changes. I had warned you about Putin playing Biden like a Stradivarius. You can see it in 2021–Soviet Fascism never sleeps…

My fellow Americans!

The fate of our unique and precious Constitutional republic, designed and left to us by our Founders is in peril! We the People Must save the republic for the next generations. Act accordingly! The torch is yours!!!

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