Soviet Style Counter-Revolution in America

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Two decades ago I warned you “we are in a war waged by Socialism and Communism against Western Civilization and American Capitalism.” I described that war as WW III: Recruitment, Infiltration, Drugs, and Assassinations. Twenty years later we can observe the result: Russia was very successful in achieving all of that in concert with the so-called Democrat Party, which they and their comrades transformed into America’s Socialist Party. Many Dems were recruited, they infiltrated all corners of society right in our midst: courts, businesses, sports, media, and our democratic institutions. China has provided a deadly disease-COVID-19. Now, in concert with these two, the Dems have waged a counter-revolution in America. What’s left for them to accomplish? the assassinations… Read further to see how those Evil forces have managed to become successful.

Sidney Powell has presented a credible case of massive and centralized foreign infiltration in the 2020 election. She has revealed an unknown to me company that produced an international voting-fraud named Dominion. I went to computer and find the definition of the Dominion:

“Dominion, now the Largest or Second Largest Voting System Company, is Foreign Controlled and Depends Upon Secret Source Code Created and Owned by Smartmatic, a Foreign Controlled Company With Ties to The Venezuelan Government Led by Hugo Chavez.“

I was immediately suspicious, reading the name Hugo Chavez, a Communist asset of Russia, who ran Venezuela from 1998-2013. The normal mind can’t perceive a Soviet/Russian fraud—Socialist, lawless regime.

Socialists/Communists have always won elections by 85%-91% in the Soviet Union, in Russia, North Korea, China, Cuba, and Venezuela. In those years we didn’t know the name of the fraud, today we know its name–the Dominion electronic System. As a former Soviet attorney, the picture of Venezuela tells me a huge story of the Russian Intel and their Global conspiracy for these fifteen years. You have to know Russia, her Intel and their modus operandi—lies, cheating and fraud to see the picture. They do criminal acts by using their assets, their Communist cadres around the globe. The Republicans must know this modus operandi–a discovery of the Dominion fraud-scandal is possible only through awareness of Russia and her Intel’s activities…

Yet, additionally, Sidney Powell is investigating and reporting all kind of massive voter-frauds committed in six swing states by mail-in ballots, illegible people voting, dead people voting, the military votes for Trump dumped, 91% of people voted in Minnesota, where MN AG is a Communist, 85% of people voted in Wisconsin. Those numbers are testimony to the Fraud—an incredible fraud. But a corrupt FBI is intentionally ignoring all of that. The incompetent FBI and DOJ have taken no action against the Socialist Revolution that America has been undergoing for decades —they haven’t fought the enemy and thus allowed overwhelming foreign infiltration in all corners on our society. We are witnessing the result of that incompetence in the 2020. Those people who told you that the election had been secured are deceiving you. They don’t know Russia, her Intel, and Communist China with its Intel…, but are they really that stupid or is something else going on?

To grasp my ideas, I have to repeat again at least three elements of reality: First: Truman’s party is dead, it was infiltrated, contaminated and converted into America’s Socialist Party by the Russian Intel and the Party simultaneously fomented and fueled the “Swamp”. As in the USSR, they are going against the dissent–be prepared for growing violence. Don’t take my words, just look at the platform, policy, and projects the Dems entertain and follow today. This is the reason I have introduced you to the term Socialist Charlatans.

Second: There are no more Classic Liberals, they had been annihilated by Stalin in the 20th century. We are dealing with the Radical Left, which has a more appropriate name—Socialist Charlatans. These people have been indoctrinated, brainwashed and programmed for decades. Third: Understanding the power and reach of the KGB and the status quo of Russia. Using the term KGB, I mean the entire Russian Intel—it is a collective image–those three letters are familiar to the vast majority of Americans… Do you remember Putin’s KGB Mafia-Army?

If you think that the Collapse in 1991 of the Soviet Union has changed Russia, you are wrong, you don’t know Russia and her Intel. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t a collapse of the USSR, it was a collapse of the Socialist economy that couldn’t produce and compete with capitalism. Yet, the collapse didn’t touch the security apparatus (the real power in the country)—the KGB. Using the instability and chaos in Russia during those days, the Socialist KGB took over and catapulted Vladimir Putin to the presidency—and the circle of authority was established and closed. Today Russia runs by the same KGB apparatus. The old socialist economy was replaced by a crony capitalism under the secured KGB’s total control. Only knowing those components of reality, you can analyze the current events…

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The Failed FBI and American Intel

The FBI and our Intel have missed a critical causation to prevent the stealing of election. That causation had been missed by historians like John Mitcham, by many Republicans and other pundits. As a matter of fact, the Russian Operation Disinformation known for years has existed as a part of a monumental Russian project, the outline of a design to destroy the American Constitutional Republic and many Republicans missed the elephant in the room—Russia, her Intel, and the Chinese Communist advertising propaganda campaign by bribing the American media, sports, and universities. Remember, Russia and China are in tandem working against America like a hand in glove…

To cover-up the crimes of Treason the Dems had committed, the anti-Trump forces had the task of diverting, and dissuading your attention from the DNC, who had been collaborating with Russian Intel for decades. There has never been a Trump/Russia collusion, in fact, there was a DNC/Russian Intel collusion. The entire ordeal of various witch hunts against Trump for years has been a fraud to cover-up the crime of Treason, committed by the DNC/Russian collusion. The epitome of this fraud is the state of Georgia, where the Republican leadership not knowing the causation allowed Socialist Charlatan, Stacy Abrams to work for years to produce that fraud. You have now her crop—two Dems’ candidates, who want to change American system designed by our Founding Fathers by supporting the core-task of the Global Communist Conspiracy. Read: America and the Global Communist Conspiracy, November, 24, 2020.

Sean Hannity is right in general, yet, he repeats to us every day that he respects 99% of the FBI agents as doing the right things. In this respect, Sean Hannity is wrong, critically wrong! The FBI has dramatically changed during the last thirty years: the experienced in Cold War agents have retired and young ill-informed, brainwashed and indoctrinated young agents have come into the agency. All our security and Intel’s agencies were transformed and some like CIA had been, in fact, collaborating with our enemies under John Brennon’s leadership. Read here my column: The Global Spy Ring, January 1, 2018

Afghanistan: Knowledge of Russia and her Intel is a MUST

Don’t be surprised by an incredible, massive fraud in the 2020 election. Two American Manchurian Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama made and left us naked, mute, and deaf to their Treason, depleting our military. But this was only a part of betrayals, the entire society was manipulated and conditioned by the Dems’ Socialist Transformation, implementing Stalin’s motto of Divide and Conquer for years. It is no coincidence that we have a divided science and medicine, which was unable to find a unified remedy to fight the Chinese COVID-19 in the critical first hours of the Pandemic. It is a result of the Dems’ Socialist Transformation. The Obama era has left disastrous consequences; the vaccine was approved by FDA on November 22, but planned to distribute December 11. This is Socialism! While capitalist-Trump oversaw development of the COVID-19 vaccine in an unprecedented nine months.

The motto of “Divide and Conquer” came from the ancient world and has been used many times and mostly successful by the ideology. You saw it in the 1950s –Stalin’s war against Korea and as a result Korea was divided. Then Vietnam, it was divided, Afghanistan and so on–the wars against Western civilization went on for the entire 20th century. It was brought to America by the global Communist conspiracy and Russian Intel.  Sen. Cotton is right: “Afghanistan is the place from which the 911 attacks were launched and the place that has the largest concentration of terrorist organizations than anywhere else in the world, the reason we’re in Afghanistan is to protect our own citizens here at home.” I can add to that:

We are in Afghanistan because of Russia and her Intel is there. Please, take a map and see a large extend of the border of the former USSR’s Muslim Republics and Afghanistan. Also, please, remember that all those Republics are still run by the KGB. The hatred of Jews and Western civilization united all Muslims and the KGB has used it. As in all other places, the KGB has infiltrated the Taliban movement with its cadres speaking all the languages in the area … and the killing of Americans continues—Taliban is tied to the KGB…. Like in Afghanistan, multiple terrorist attacks across the world are coordinated in the Kremlin… Read my books, columns, and remember Putin’s KGB Mafia-Army…

I never thought that I would quote Oliver Stone, but he was right in Oliver Stone exclusive with Jesse Watters. When asked about the job of our Intel, he went to the history of disinformation and many mistakes and failures by our Intel. In this connection Jesse asked him: Does Putin win? Stone didn’t answer or did not have the answer. I can answer:

Dear Jesse, yes, Putin and his KGB are winning up to now and this is the reason I am writing the columns to stop a vicious cycle of fraud that the Republicans can’t free themselves from. They lost Hollywood, then our educational system, then the media, and now the election… Socialist/Communist ideology is pushing us out of existence. There is the time to wake up, fight back and save the American Republic from the Global Socialist and Communist Fraud…

God Bless President Trump! God help President Trump!

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Book: Socialist Lies

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