The Color Revolution We Warned You About Is In Progress

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I know some may be dispirited, exhausted, or bitter that we didn’t achieve a decisive win on election day.

I hear you and ask that you take a quick break or more importantly a prayer and then get up on your feet and get back in the game – your country needs you now.

Here’s the quick game plan that a number of us are working on:

Recognize this is a Color Revolution. We didn’t just go through an election – it was a pre-scripted scam to merely ascertain how many votes that the Democrat/Globalist/Communist alliance needed to tilt the scales. The Globalists and Chinese Communists have aligned to take down our incredible constitutional republic. Please read the Citizen’s Guide for what you should be doing. This site is regularly under attack, so if you get a goofy, Norton warning – disregard.

This chaos is not about President Trump – this is about the Make America Great Again movement that transcends President Trump – he is merely standing in the way between the Dems/Globalists/Communists and you.

Evolve and move onto new media.  Fox can no longer be trusted with former Speaker Paul Ryan on the Board, it has become the Republican side of the Anti-Trump (meaning anti-you) movement.

Please move onto new media such as Epoch Times, Breitbart, Newsmax, One America News (OAN), or Real America’s Voice.  The one place I’ll use the term evolve is here.  Continue to blast away on Twitterdespite their games, but create a fallback position on Parler – amp up the volume now!

Some talk about secession – and that’s on the Dem side.  Zealots like John Podesta have stated this.  Our attitude should be, “Bring it on”  This election cannot be stolen and votes fabricated to create a numerical win. Let them do the secession talk and challenge their bluff.  We’re about one America and letting every lawful vote count.  Bringing in boxes of votes and top loading votes at the county and state level are what we see in Venezuela, not the US.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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We have to want this more than them.  The time to stand up is now.  If the Republican Party won’t stand up, we need new leaders right now (Newt, Donald Trump Jr., Tom Cotton, Allen West, Lauren Boebert, Judicial Watch, etc etc) In the immediate early days of World War II we swapped out a lot of military leaders quickly. Same in the Civil War.  Lincoln reached down and chose Grant despite great opposition.

In times like this – new leadership will rise – we’re living in history right now – let’s find our new leaders and rally around them.

Time to ramp back up the Trump Trains that shocked the opposition – back on the roads with our flags flying.

The key tenets of our victory and ensuring a second term for President Trump:  Resolve, Determination, Agility, and Velocity.

The 2000 election was an emotional roller coaster every day for two months. We can do this.  We have no other choice

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This article by Col. Rob Maness originally appeared at and is republished with permission.

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