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UN demands that Poland allow unimpeded access to Muslim migrants trying to break through border

The migrants are screaming “Allahu akbar” and hurling abuse at Polish border guards. How likely is it that they will become loyal, stable, productive citizens ...

Afghanistan: Women Protesters Injured in Stampede after Taliban Fires Shots in the Air

Recall the UN’s warning that Afghanistan women’s rights are a “red line.” That “red line” has been crossed repeatedly by the Taliban without any consequences ...

4 Positive Education Trends to End 2021

There is a lot to be frustrated about as 2021 has just come to an end. Some places are back in lockdown over rising coronavirus cases, while others are ...

New Year’s Resolutions: Twelve Life Insights to Contemplate

Each of us learns things, all the way, throughout our lives. Thus far, from what I’ve gleaned, here a 12 bits ‘of wisdom’ that that might come in handy for you:

Taliban Minister US Must ‘Come and Rebuild the Afghan Economy’

Didn’t we already build the Afghan economy? And finance the Taliban? But enough is never enough.

This Microschool Network Is Booming as Families Flee Government-Run Schools

When Jessica Gregory and her husband moved from the Washington, D.C. area in 2020 to a suburban community north of Boston, they expected to find a school for ...

The Tide of Afghan Refugees to US is Only Beginning

Biden brought tens of thousands of unvetted Afghans to America, the vast majority of whom had no visas and were not eligible for anything.

French interior minister blasts UK for being too ‘economically attractive’ for illegal migrants

More drama between Britain and France, but no real plan is in place in either country to stop illegal Muslim migration.

Turkey: Another Historic Church on the Verge of Extinction

Yet another historic church is violated and left to rot in Turkey. The decades-long victim of the abuse, the Surp Minas Church, located in the city Erzurum, ...

‘Capitalist Privilege’: Rare Holiday Shortages a Reminder of How Good We Got It—and Why

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, global supply chains have found themselves in repeating rounds of shortages in necessary resources and materials.

The Hidden Economic Lesson in ‘A Christmas Carol’

There is no shame in wanting to be rich, so long as one recognizes that a meaningful life is multifaceted.

Egypt: Teachers and students beat up Coptic Christian children for wearing crosses

The question does not get asked often enough: why is it that certain barbaric behaviors are accepted when they come from one group, but not from others?

A Tale of Two Shootings: Facebook and GoFundMe Prefer Mob Justice Over Actual Justice

In August 2020, three awful things happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin: Jacob Blake was shot by police in front of children, riots overtook the city in response to ...

2021 Christmas Retail Rankings: From Bass Pro to Apple

Americans will spend over $800 on gifts for friends, family, and the poor this Christmas. Most of that spending will happen with retailers like Amazon (1.62), ...

Biden’s ‘American Families Plan’ Would Put 21 Million People On Welfare

Analysts predict that Joe Biden’s American Families Plan would add 21 million Americans to federal benefit programs.

Democrat Tyranny: California Bans Travel To Five States

California added five states, including Florida, to the list of places where state-funded travel is banned due to LGBTQ "discrimination."

Ron DeSantis Says He’s “Only Begun To Fight” – “Put On The Full Armor Of God” To Fight The Left

Conservative superstar Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, says he has only begun his fight against the radical left.

RINO Purge: “Republicans” Who Voted For Impeachment Face Pro-Trump Primary Challengers

Republicans who voted to impeach President Donald Trump are now paying the price as they face a barrage of pro-Trump primary opponents.

CDC Labels Racism A ‘Serious Threat’ To Public Health

The CDC is the latest entity to weigh in on racial issues, calling them a serious threat to public health.

Gov. DeSantis Rips The Left In Fiery Campaign Speech

In a fiery campaign speech, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took aim at the left and establishment Republicans.

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