‘You Are A Racist POS!’ Joe Biden Gets Backlash For ‘About As Racist As It Gets’ Statement About Hispanic Americans Not Getting Vaccinated Because They Fear Being Deported

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Many have wondered if Joe Biden can give a speech and not either sound like a bumbling mess, insult large swaths of people or sound like a racist.

On Thursday he did all three of those things in a wide ranging speech that included, what many believe, was his unintentional insult of Hispanic Americans.

Biden was discussing the difficulty in getting certain sections of the nation vaccinated when he made the remarkable comment.

“There’s a reason why it was harder to get African Americans-initially- to get vaccinated, because they’re used to being experimented on,” Biden said. “Tuskegee airmen and others, people have long memories.”

And there is truth to that. The black community was subject to horrific experiments by the government. He should have stopped there but, alas, he did not.

“It’s awful hard, as well, to get Latinx vaccinated as well.  Why?  They’re worried that they’ll be vaccinated and deported,” he said.

Wow. We do not normally put our own comments in stories at Conservative Brief but in this case I’m compelled to.

I live in a heavily Hispanic area, and have for my entire life. The people I know are hardworking, religious, good family people. Oh, and they are legal Americans, most born in the United States.

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The insinuation that the Hispanic community is full of illegal immigrants living in the shadows avoiding deportation is a racist trope and highly insulting.

And the vast majority of Latinos despise the term Latinx. A recent poll by ThinkNow, a progressive group, found that 98 percent of Hispanics do not identify with the term Latinx.

While my colleagues and I are progressive on social issues, as researchers, we have to put aside our personal biases and render advice based on the best available empirical evidence. To examine the acceptance of “Latinx” our firm conducted a nationwide poll of Latinos using a 508-person sample that is demographically representative of Census figures, yielding a ± 5% margin of error with a 95% confidence interval.

We presented our respondents with seven of the most common terms used to describe Latinos and asked them to select the one that best describes them. When it came to “Latinx,” there was near unanimity. Despite its usage by academics and cultural influencers, 98% of Latinos prefer other terms to describe their ethnicity. Only 2% of our respondents said the label accurately describes them, making it the least popular ethnic label among Latinos.

Some have speculated that “Latinx” resonates with women and Latino youth. We found no evidence of this in our study. While Latinos’ preferences for other labels vary by age, the limited appeal of “Latinx” is consistent across generations and genders. Only 3% of 18–34 year-old respondents in our poll selected the term as their preferred ethnic label. This was roughly the same as the 2% of 35–49 year-olds. No respondents over 50 selected the term. In other words, 97% of millennial and Gen-Z Latinos prefer to be called something other than “Latinx.” Meanwhile, only 3% of women and 1% of men selected the term as their preferred ethnic identifier.

And on Twitter people were furious with Biden for using the term and for assuming Hispanics were frightened of being deported.

“What is Latinx???” one Twitter user said. “I would appreciate you stop calling us that. It’s offensive. I’m a #Latino and my wife is a #Latina. Somos #Latinos. Please get that straight!”

“WHAT THE HELL @JoeBiden,” another Twitter user said. “You are a Racist POS assuming all Hispanics are illegal. I’m 5th Gen Citizen!”

“Joe Biden claiming Latinos don’t want to get vaccinated because they’re worried about getting deported is about as racist as it gets. Par for the course for old racist Joe Biden,” another said.

This article was originally posted at Conservative Brief.

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