5 common sense, pro-2A solutions to counter Biden’s downer speech

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President Joe Biden issued a falsehood laden speech on Thursday night, politicizing a national tragedy for political gain. Biden is embracing laws which he stated he would not bring to the fold, adding to failure upon failure throughout the Biden regime. Dealing with mass attacks in the United States is an issue that we should all be able to agree to, this is something that everyone in the United States should be able to to come together over. Yet, President Biden is using volatile language, half-truths and conjecture to spread fear.

Common sense reforms are something that should be something that easy to come together over; however, radical democrat demagogues are using this a tool divide people across the country. Let’s first look at what Joe Biden is suggesting to “fix” the problem.

Banning sales of “assault rifles” or “high capacity magazines”

This is the worse of offerings by Biden. This is fully unconstitutional, people have the right to own weapons to protect them from the government which is assaulting their rights. Lawful citizens of the United States have a right to bear military style firearms to protect themselves from an unlawful government. Regardless of how you feel about the current administration, the right itself does not need to “authorized” by the government, it is an inherent right by people.

Raising the minimum age of buying an assault rifle

If a semi-automatic weapon is a dangerous item for a child to have, then isn’t a M-16, or a tank, or a fighter jet? If we declare that people under the age of 21 are children, then we can work from that perspective. First of all, if this is the line where rights are given, then we need to balance this across the board. Children under 21 should not be recruited for military service, that should start at 21. The voting age should be raised to 21, also – for a vote is much more dangerous than a firearm. Nearly 10% of fatalities on the road, and nearly 75% of all accidents are from people under the age of 25 – this is another area where we can raise the age (for drivers licenses) to 21. We have children as young as five being singled out for gender reassignment, this should also be a choice held until they are 21. Likewise, if these rights are being abridged by people under the age of 21, they should not be taxed either. This is something that we should be able to put on the table, a consistent acknowledgement of the age of maturity across our nation.

Nationwide ‘Red Flag’ laws

One of the most depressing statements we hear after nearly every shooting is, “The shooter was known by the FBI as a person of interest.” If these people are known, then why are they allowed to have firearms? As an idea, Red Flag laws are a good idea – however, the Democrat perversion of the idea is simply a way to take firearms away from people. Common sense red flag laws could be put into effect, such as:

“If you are under the age of 18, have been convicted of a felony, have been arrested for domestic violence and are waiting for a trial, have been diagnosed by a medical professional (Psychiatric) as a danger to yourself or others, have made terrorist threats in person or online, or a member of a fascist (Nazi, Aryan nation, skin heads, or derivative thereof), socialist, communist, and/or anti-America extremist group or have attended more than two meetings of said group in the last year, then law enforcement, upon proper application of a warrant or with probable cause that a crime is currently being committed, may search the premises, vehicle, outbuildings, and person for firearms or other deadly weapons. There use as evidence in any case, present or future, is pending a judges decision on a motion whether the search is directly related to the matter at hand.

These firearms must be kept in a secure evidence locker and properly cared for during the interim between the seizure and a hearing, if requested by the accused, to return their firearms. Firearms will be return only if, the person reaches the age of 21 and passes a background and mental health check, the felony is removed from their record, the allegation of domestic violence is disproved (not the case being dropped), two licensed medical professionals (Psychiatric) disagree with the initial assessment or agree that the person has been treated and is no longer a danger to themself or others, and/or the person has publicly renounced the membership of an anti-American hate group, permits an inspection of computer and social media activity to show they have not followed any such group (at person’s expense) and a period of five years has elapsed since the time of the seizure.

If a person is accused of an activity covered under this rule, and it is shown that the accusation is false and that the accuser perjured themselves, the firearm will be returned and the person who made the accusation will have a mandatory five years added to their perjury sentence for a minimum of eight years. All firearms seized and not returned within three years, five years on a hate group seizure, shall be sold at public auction with the fees going to victims relief groups across the country.

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A person’s firearms may be seized temporary upon the affidavit of a person who knows them or has reason to suspect that they are a danger to himself and others; however, they should be given a hearing within 48 hours of a the seizure.

National lockup law

If you are a gun owner, you should have your firearms locked up. This is common sense. However, the idea of a trigger lock limits the utility of the firearm for home protection. Bio metric gun safes are a much more modern way to lock up your firearms. The Pineworld safe, reviewed by NRN is a great example of this, as is the mag lock created by The StopBox. Either of these items can keep tragedies from happening. Likewise storing firearms away from ammo, or having magazines locked up, are things that should be done. So this is not a horrible idea.

There are some areas that the president glossed over that we need to take into account:

Hardening soft targets

Nearly all mass attacks are at soft targets, places were lawful people are not allowed to have firearms. If a place has a ban on firearms (school, hospital, etc.) then it should also have the same security that a government building has. This includes a single point of entry, alarmed doors and exits, bulletproof glass in windows, an armed guard for each access point, and training for the employees there to have firearms preferably with biometric locks. Every location that has a “no gun” policy should have to meet these criteria.

Mental health services

Schools and other locations need more support in this area. If a person is suspected of a crime or on a watch list, then the employer or people within the building in which they work have the right to know. Sealing these documents puts people’s lives at danger. If a person’s second amendment right can be abridged so easily, as it is with the National Firearms Association, then a person who has given the government a reason to have them watched should also be abridged as it is not a right to privacy of criminal activity. Further, when this occurs in a school setting, the student should be referred to psychiatric counseling.

Elimination of sealed court files

While redactions for addresses, phone numbers, and financial information should be addressed, no court case, regardless of age, should be sealed. As this is a common law country, every court case is influential if not binding on other court cases. The sealing of court cases, such as the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, are unconstitutional and a civil rights violation by the judge who seals them. Each motion, witness, and statement are part of the record and can be used in other trials. They can also be used to assess the fitness of a person to own a firearm, vote, buy tobacco or alcohol, or receive government aid.

With the exception of Biden’s unconstitutional call for a ban on any type of weapon, there were elements that could make this country a better place:

1.) Improve Background Checks – Provide more access to information and eliminate sealed files for criminals. Further, permanently ban criminals from voting, assistance, alcohol and tobacco, unless lawful military service (five years) is completed.

2.) Improved Red Flag Laws – Follow the above text for a simple red flag law.

3.) Gun Storage Laws – Allow liability for weapons not properly stored either locked or away from ammunition.

4.) Harden Soft Targets – Schools are the only government buildings (and post offices) without proper protection. If we can protect politicians (worthless) then we should be able to protect children (priceless).

5.) Better Mental Health Checks – Let schools and employers know when there is a problem (the Americans with Disabilities Act protects people). We need to know where to watch if we are in a “see something, say something” situation.

These simple protections are something that we should all be able to agree with. Most people would agree with the age increase if we followed the above advice. Call your senator, send them this article, let them know we want change, but we want useful change not “feel good, build back better” change.

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