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It is that time of year again. Here at New Right Network, we are dedicated to every law-abiding person’s right to bear arms. In October and November, we try to look at as many firearm or firearm-related products as possible to promote the knowledgeable and safe use of these devices. To kick of this year’s season, we are looking at how you can safely store your personal carry firearms with PINEWORLD’s Biometric Safe.


If you are a gun owner, then you should be very cognizant of firearm safety. Good gun owners store their guns well, clean them often, and teach others (especially their children) that firearms should be respected and that they are a tool that does not need to be feared. This starts with proper storage. Almost all of the tragic accidents that we see around the world start off with “Because someone left a loaded firearm unattended.” People scream from the mountain tops that guns need to be banned because of this. In no uncertain terms, this is not the gun’s fault. It is because the owner was not acting responsibly.

PINEWORLD’s safe has a massive market in this area because firearms sales in the United States are exploding. The current administration keeps threatening law-abiding citizens and radicals like Pennsylvania’s Josh Shapiro are trying to undermine law-abiding citizens’ rights. If you are a gun owner, store your firearm safely by putting it in a safe. PINEWORLD ‘s safe makes access easy, quick, and affordable, which gives it a massive market in today’s climate (8 of 10).


Safes are naturally a useful thing. Whether or not you are a gun owner, you may be in the market for a good safe to store documents and money in. The PINEWORLD safe is very well made. The company asked us to see how hard we could work the safe over, and we took it to the max. We ran it over with cars and trucks, then shot it over a dozen times. This little box can take a beating. Though it is not fire rated, this safe did stand up to .22 LR (Rifle and pistol), .380 AP (Pistol), 9mm (Rifle and Pistol), 44 special (pistol), and 12 Gauge Buckshot (OO). The safe even stopped one of the two 12 gauge slugs that we shot at it. There was complete penetration with both soft point and FMJ .308 ammo, but to be fair .038 tears through most light armor plating.

This means that you have a safe that will withstand tons (literally) of force on the case and penetration from all the pistols that we tried on it. This makes it a great place to store items that you want to be protected. The safe itself comes pre-drilled with four mounting holes and an access cable hole so that you can mount the cable to ensure that someone does not easily steal the safe. (6.5 of 10).


The safe itself weighs in at around 17 pounds, so it is a little bit of a haul to move around. This is a good thing with a safe, so you want it to be heavy. The safe opens with a lift arm, which is rated for 30,000 lifts- so this safe is made for the long term. The safe is powered by 4 AA batteries, with a physical backup. The safe also has a USB C port for access if your batteries are dead and you do not have the keys with you. The case pops open in half a second with the biometric access, and when you use the code access you should be able to open the safe in three seconds. Overall, this is an easy safe to use. There is a lining of 3mm foam to prevent damage to your firearms also. (6 of 10).


What good is a safe if you cannot get into the safe? PINEWORLD built double redundancy into the safe access to ensure that you would not be locked away from your personal firearm or papers. The primary method of access is a biometric reader. With a finger or thumbprint, you can access your gun in a fraction of a second by scanning. Should that not be an option, there is also an access code for the safe. You can enter a 6 to 8 digit code that will allow you access to the safe. Should that also not be an option (likely because the batteries are dead), you can use the physical key that comes with the safe. Redundancy is good in safes, double redundancy is better. Add the wifi option and you have a great, very easy-to-use safe at your disposal (though it can be a little challenging to set up). (7 of 10).

Cool Factor

Because of the mounting holes, you can put this safe on a wall or in a dresser drawer. This allows you to have a safe where you open a drawer and then use biometrics to get into the safe. Talk about some James Bond action! Ten years ago, this was the stuff of spy fantasy movies. Now, an everyday person can have this system in their home for under $200. The alarm on the safe is also a great feature for incase someone who is not supposed to be in the safe finds a way into it (like you leaving your key lying around). This is an added level of safety that, if it saves even one child, will be worth the extra time that PINEWORLD put into the safe. (8 of 10).

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So where does Pineworld’s Safe stack up? With a score of 35.5, this is a great offering from this company. This is a well-built gun safe that will keep your firearms out of prying fingers. The pre-drilled holes make it great for an easy install anywhere in the house, but the lack of a fire rating does limit its use for important documents (though I do have my passport in one). The only other knock that I would give the safe is that the USB-C port is in the front. If this was in the back then the safe could be “plugged in” all the time. The reason this is a minor knock is simply due to the safe’s design, which is to only use the cord as an emergency option. So, it is not for everyday use. This is a great safe, and with a price of under $200, if you have a firearm that is not properly stored, then you may want to look at getting one of these babies. When compared to other safes like Vaulttec Safes, PINEWORLD’s safe is a great deal.

For those buying in the Next Month, PINEWORLD is giving NRN readers a 20% discount with the purchase code 20NRNCHRIS.

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