Outdoor Game Review: Defenders Expansion for Capture the Flag Redux

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Expansions are always fun for any game, but when it comes to classic games re-imagined, like Capture the Flag Redux, people have to have vision to make an epic classic game even better. Our friends at Starlux Games have expanded the game, bringing it to the forefront of active gaming in 2024.

For those of you who have not tried it, getting the basic set of Capture the Flag Redux is a great way to keep kids busy during the summer months. Each team has a color with glowing wristbands, a base, and the flag gem. The goal is to get to your opponent’s base, steal the gem, and then get back to your base without getting tagged. It is a great upgrade to the classic game which gives kids the fun of lights on their wrists and parents the added confidence of being able to see their kids run.

Now, Starlux has added swords. The foam swords, which come from several other Starlux games, now give kids a little more reach when they are defending their base from the other team. The goal is now to tag your opponents with the foam glowing swords. Don’t worry, Starlux did put in the rules that you should not hit in the face or head to keep everything safe (but the foam swords do not hurt even if there is an accident).

Overall, this is a great addition to a great game. Starlux moves kids away from their screens and into the yard with Capture the Flag. With the recent Magenta Expansion and now the Defender’s expansion, this game keeps growing to be able to keep more kids active. This is a great pick up for any family or kids event. Make sure to get a copy for your shelf.

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