Review: StopBox Gun Protection System

A Highly Recommended Gun-Retention Device

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Keeping your home secure often starts with the proper storage for protection devices. Handguns left lying around the house (or unsheathed knives) can be dangerous for everyone who lives on the premises. Effective storage also requires allowing for quick access. Made in the USA, The StopBox is one of the tools that I recommend in this regard.

According to the manufacturer, “The StopBox® is a portable instant-access handgun retention device that does not use batteries, electronics or external keys. Secure your firearm without sacrificing accessibility when you need it the most.”


The StopBox is an all-mechanical device that is somewhere between a lock holster and a safe. This makes the device very usable for those who need fast access to their firearms, but who also want to keep their kids safe (especially ones who are too young to be taught gun safety). As such, there should be an active market for this product for those who own pistols (the rifle version is coming soon). For this reason, the StopBox earns a 9 out of 10 for market.


As alluded to above, The StopBox is a beneficial piece of equipment to have around the house. It allows you to store your firearms anywhere at home, or in the car, with relative safety. With the added locking cord, you can also attach it to something solid so that it will not be moving around. This makes it a quite useful tool. Rating: 6 of 10.


Utility is one of those words that has gained currency. A sport utility Vehicle (SUV) is basically considered “sport” and/or “utility” if, for example, you are a soccer mom/dad driving kids to and from the game. Subpar suspension, top-heaviness, and other features make the SUV classification kind of a misnomer at times. This is not a problem with The StopBox. The28-ounce unit is constructed with durable polymer, and the mechanical within it are metal.

The look of the unit almost looks like any other case, which means that it is not too flashy to attract theft. It also provides quick access, with a patented four-button code to open the device that allows for personalization. This makes it a tool that you can both use in your home and carry around. Thus it earns a rating of 7 out of 10.

As a supplement to this review, watch a video tutorial embedded below that was previously posted by Sterner Firearms, Ltd.


The StopBox will hold most semi-automatic handguns, which is its most likely application. Parenthetically, it does not like my revolver; the cylinder may be a little fat for it.

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When attempting to get into the box, it opens quickly with the proper code. Please note that this is not designed as a gun safe; it is a retention device. If someone really wants in, they can smash the box or cut it open with a saw.

A plus is that if used properly, you can leave it by your bed (anchored) and it will keep kids — or a home invader, in a worst-case scenario — out of the box. As mentioned previously, ease of access yields a rating of 7.5 of 10.

Cool Factor/ Overall

I like tactical black, and the one that the company sent me looks like a cool little notebook case. As explained above, it does not draw attention to your firearm, Moreover, it is easy to carry around under your arm or in a large purse, if necessary. I would like to determine how it works in transporting a gun in a checked bag at the airport, but, as yet, I haven’t had time to review that aspect of the product. Cool factor: 6.5 of 10.

Overall, this product is something that you should have in your home. Even if kids are seldom at your residence, The StopBox will increase your peace of mind. With a stellar score (36 out of 50), this is an item that helps make your home more safe. The access time is amazing, and those precious seconds could mean life or death in a situation where you need your firearm immediately. The StopBox, which comes with a risk-free 30-day trial, has my highest recommendation for home use.

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