Survival Knife Review: Defender Xtreme

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With a name like “Defender Xtreme” a knife has to be a good knife. In this case we are going to have to say that this knife is better than average, but still an entry level hunting style knife with a tactical look. With a 6″ blade and a 4.5″ hilt, this knife is more of an everyday carry knife than some of the others we have looked at. For the price of approximately $30, this is a good knife to have in your kit.


I do not know if this knife is marketed correctly with a name like “Defender Xtreme.” This is not a combat knife, it is a survival/hunting knife. If it was marketed in this way, it is an excellent entry-level knife. However, the market seems to be more combat knife aficionados, who will quickly see this is not their type of knife. 3 out of 10.


Once you get past the marketing, this is a nice little knife. I am adding it to my hunting kit for this year. One of the cool little features that makes it a nice survival knife is that it comes with its own stone. Just so you know this is a rough stone, so you will only be able to put a basic edge on the knife if it is damaged. The gut hook on the knife also makes it nice for hunting. While not overly sharp, the gut hook did pass the paper test. 7 out of 10.


This is a good utility knife for survival situations. The blade is short enough that you can carve easily with it, but not so short that you cannot baton with it if needed. The handle is utilitarian, which is nice. The rubberization on the handle also helps with slippage, which could be useful when cleaning game. 6.5 out of 10.


Of the four knives that came in this group, this one will probably see the most use by me. It is a good hunting knife and the 6″ blade will keep you from running afoul of most knife laws (check your local laws for knife sizes). I do not know if I would trust the pommel for heavy pounding, but it did hold up to basic tests. Overall, a very usable blade, 7 of 10.

Cool Factor and Overall Score

Black tactical looks cool hanging from your belt. The fact that almost every aspect of the knife is usable (with the exception of the ridge spines) makes the knife even cooler. It looks nice and is easy to carry, earning it a 7 out of 10.

Overall, this is a great little knife for the money. It is cheap (under $29 most places) so you can put one in your kit without much strain. It is entry level, so it is not a hardcore knife, but when you look at what it is, you should not be disappointed. With a score of 30 of 50, this knife is definitely going to get some use as a hunting knife this buck season (assuming I can get a deer).

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