Survival Reviews
Gun Review: Armalite AR 19 (8″ Barrel)

This is a great gun to add to your collection if you are looking for a home defense gun that is easy to use and easy to learn.

Review: AFT Home Training Targets

AFT Training Targets are a great complement to your training equipment at home. They can help improve skills and safety with your firearms.

SIRT Pistol Review

With ammo prices skyrocketing, you need practice to keep up your shooting skills. Enter Next Level Training's SIRT Pistol.

Review: Dry Fire Training Cards

If you adopt a firearm this year, make sure you are prepared to use it safely. These are a great set of training tools for your collection.

Review: Survival Summit’s Gray Bearded Green Beret Bug Out Bag

This is one of the best BOB videos on the market today, offering a wealth of knowledge that can keep your family safe during a crisis.

Review: Mantis X Elite

The Mantis X Elite system is a neat tool that can help you with your shooting when you cannot make it to the range.

Review: 32 S&W Old School

The 32 special ranks as average for a firearm. Nothing to shout from the hills, but nothing to spit at either.

Review: Remington RP9 4.5″

If you are looking for an EDC, this gun is nice. The large mag well allows more shots than most other standard mags on the market.

Review: Walther PPK S.Cal 22

The Walther PPK/S is a great little gun for personal carry or going to the range. The gun is great for men and women alike and easy to carry.

Review Master Knives Mu-20-028K

The Master Knives Mu-20-028K is a good backup knife, and it is well-built and well-made, making it a solid addition to any knife kit.

Survival Knife Review: Defender Xtreme

The Survival Defender Xtreme Knife is a good knife at an affordable price, useful for hunting and survival situations.

Survival Review: Survivor HK 1036 Survival Knife

The Survivor HK 1036 Survival Knife is a good starter knife at a budget price. It is useful for all general survival tasks.

Survival Review: Survivor HK-729 Knife

The Survivor HK-729 Knife is a great addition to your toolkit for outdoor living, self-defense, and general survival tasks.

The Survival Summit Review: Into the Ozarks

"Into the Ozarks" by Survivial Summit is an informative, watchable video for learning useful survival skills.

Review: Wilderness Medical By Survival Summit

Wilderness Medical offers valuable lessons on surviving medical emergencies, going beyond basic first-aid to life-saving information.

Survival Review: Survival Summit’s Escape and Evasion

Learning Survival Skills is more than just living in the woods today. You also sometimes need to learn about avoiding criminals and getting away if needed.

Review: The Survival Summit’s “Survival Skills” Video

A Nation Losing its Skills When it comes to survival, most people in the United States are not well trained for flourishing in the wilderness or even in an ...

Survival Review: Barska 7x3x 20 Scope

Barska scope serves as a great scope for a backup gun, a great buy for a tight budget.

Survival Review: Survival Summit and Top Knives’ Blade Care

The Survival Summit has delivered once again. Teaming up with Top Knives, they have produced an excellent and highly recommended knives maintenance course.

Review: The Survival Summit’s “Survival Bugout” Video

This informative prepping tutorial details what gear you need to pack and what to leave behind when it's time to leave your home quickly.

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