Review: Dry Fire Training Cards

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Training is one of those elements that is a necessity if you are going to be a gun owner. With all the firearms that have been bought this year, many people now are gun owners but they have not had proper training on how to use their firearms. This is a dangerous situation. Training how to use a firearm and having proper instruction can keep you and your family safe; however, good firearm parents should always be enhancing their skills and awareness of their weapon. Dry Fire Training Cards are a great tool to make training every day a varied experience.

Market has a very good idea here. Their product is a set of cards, about the size of playing cards, that give you a task to do each day to train. This means that there is a very large market for the cards, right out of the box. However, DFTC takes it a step further with several levels of training. This makes the cards useful for anyone from a novice to an expert. 7 out of 10.


The content of the cards is set up so that it is beneficial to all levels of firearms users. The first set of cards are the “safety” cards; these cards do not give you drills but do give you rules that help you keep safe while working with your unloaded platform. Next, there are basic cards; these walk you through skills such as one-handed reloads, emergency reloads, and holstering and un-holstering your firearm. The next level is advanced skills; these skills take a little more work and focus on your use of the weapon.

After you get used to the green and the yellow cards, there are three more levels of training. At this point, you can shuffle the cards and let the deck deal you with whatever exercise that it may each day. The orange cards are “exercise cards,” designed to tighten your ability while you are stressed or out of breath. The purple cards help you to practice while you are in complex situations, like stepping over something and having to keep your weapon in a safe position while engaged. The red cards are exercises that help you develop your skills in a low light situation, which is where most people see the need to use a handgun for home defense. The variety and the skills make this a great training program to keep you sharp. 8 of 10.


Some of the skills, like draw and holster, are skills that practice will enhance any use of the gun that you have intended. Others, like 360 engagement, are items that most home owners will not need in their pack. The great thing about this training being in card form is that you can remove cards you do not like or are uncomfortable with. This lets you focus on skills at your level (I recommend starting with just the green cards). 6 of 10.


Because they are playing card sized, this means that you could take them anywhere with you while you travel. The motions are universal, so you could practice the skills without your weapon, or with a dummy gun. This makes these usable, not just at home, but also when you travel. Just make sure that whatever you are using to practice is legal in the area you are visiting and safe to handle for these exercises. 5.5 of 10.

Cool Factor and Overall Score

I have always been fascinated by cards and training, so when DFTC put the two together, you knew that you had something that I would love. While there are many gun skills courses out there, this one is one that you can take with you. I also appreciate that they took the time to go over dry fire safety with people using the cards. When working out with these cars, I take the time to read the gray cards, the safety cards, each time I used them. This reminds you, even when you are using a dummy gun, that this is training for a real situation. 7 of 10.

Overall, this is a great training system to have to keep yourself sharp. Too often we practice the skills we like and ignore the skills we do not. Dry fire helps to level out those hills and valleys to make us better “all around” firearms users. So if you chose to adopt a firearm this year, make sure that you are prepared to use it safely. These are a great set of training tools for your collection. 33.5 out of 50.

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