SIRT Pistol Review

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We all know that ammo prices have gone through the roof. Right now, the common rumor is that prices are up because primers (which are probably the hardest part of ammo to make) are on backlog. This means that for the next several months, at least, we are going to see these ridiculous munition prices. Practice does not, however, take a break. To keep up your skills, you need to have something to practice with. Enter the Next Level Training SIRT Pistol.


The SIRT pistol is designed for people to use at home. As I noted last week in my dry fire, review, I do not like using actual firearms in the house, dry fire or not. The SIRT pistol is a law enforcement grade replica of a Glock style firearm with a laser built in. This opens the use of this item up to a much wider market. You can practice with this in your own home, with extreme safety. It will not fire a bullet because it has no barrel. This lets people who live in town, in the country, and wherever practice safely. 9 of 10.

Usefulness and Utility

This unit is very useful as it allows you to train anytime at home, with minimal cost (the “reload” is a small battery after approximately 3-6 months). Personally, I have been doing a lot of speed drills with the unit, which has brought my 10′-20′ grouping in quite a lot. Pick up the gun, check it (regardless of it being a training item, always treat any gun shaped item like its loaded until you clear it), then fire, usually at the harlequin painting I have on the wall (classic harlequin, not a poster of the actress from Suicide Squad).

This gives the gun a high level of utility as you can have it placed where you can “react” use it. Since most people are training for home invasion scenarios, you want to be able to react quickly. Obtain, check, acquire the target, and then fire. This gives this training unit a 7 out of 10 for usefulness and a 8 out of 10 for utility.


The unit can be used as a stand alone unit, or can be used with AFT’s laser target (read tomorrow’s review on them). This means you can use it anywhere. The multi-color nature of the device lets you know you have a training item in your hands (still check it), so you can keep it around the house. I, personally, treat it like a gun, that way I do not become lax in my treatment of live weapons.

To this end, you need to make sure you keep it somewhere you will not “grab” it, in a real self-defense situation. For this reason, I keep it with my clips, not with my guns. This way, I will never grab it by mistake if I need my RP9 or my Walther. 7 out of 10.

Cool Factor and Total Score

This is a great tool to have to train, and with the app, you can compete with your friends without having to take out a new mortgage on your house to buy ammo. It is not a gun to shoot, but within 10-20′ it increases your accuracy and ability to use your weapons. The one note I have is that there is not recoil for the weapon, so you can zone in on one spot for rapid fire. To adjust for this, I have been pausing a second between my shots to re-acquire. So, this has a score of 7 of 10 for cool factor.

This item is great: 39 out of 50 great. With the current ammo crunch, I am giving it a bonus point to put it to 40 out of 50. This is a great tool that you can purchase for less than a 1,000 round box of shells right now. Take the time to pick one of these up and you will have something you can practice with on a daily basis.

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