Review: AFT Home Training Targets

AFT Training Targets are a great complement to your training equipment at home. They can help improve skills and safety with your firearms.

SIRT Pistol Review

With ammo prices skyrocketing, you need practice to keep up your shooting skills. Enter Next Level Training's SIRT Pistol.

COL1972 Fashion for Life Counters “Abortions Are Essential Masks”

COL1972 launches the COVID-19 "Life Is Essential" face masks to counter the "Abortion is Essential" masks. The masks give back to pro-life organizations while ...

70th Anniversary of China: Neither People’s Nor Republic

In light of the trade war between USA and China, that has been going for over 500 days, and the Hong Kong violent protests it is worth it to remember the ...

Inspiring Action: COL1972 Taps Abby Johnson as Global Ambassador

COL1972 names Abby Johnson of "Unplanned" as Global Fashion Brand Ambassador. Two inspirational powerhouses merge to collaborate on a mission to celebrate life.

Makeup America: Beauty, Independence and Freedom

Makeup America is a patriotic cosmetic company with a compelling social mission. With Makeup America, you look good and do great.

Happy Covfefe Day! Let’s Drink Coffee

Covfefe: Making Coffee Great! Two years ago, on May 31, 2017, a little past midnight President Donald Trump tweeted out, “...despite the constant negative ...

Pro-Life Men Activists: Steve Scalise, Donald Trump, Mike Lindell, and More

With Steve Scalise leading the charge today in Congress, both men and women care about the rights and protection of the unborn child.

Review: “Unplanned” Stirs My Personal Story

Spoiler Alert: "Unplanned" is a movie about one woman's journey from abortion activist to pro-life. Watching the premiere stirred a need to share my own ...

Carla & Co. at CPAC: Interviews Charlie Kirk, Joe Knopp and Jen Lawrence

At CPAC, Carla D'Addesi interviews Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA, Producer Joe Knopp of "Unplanned," and Build the Wall's Jen Lawrence.

COL1972: Culture of Life is on the Rise

COL1972 created a limited edition black hat to grieve the loss of a baby's rights in NY and across America. The U.S. pro-life movement is winning.

COL1972’s First Pop-Up Shop, at Students for Life

COL1972's first Pop-Up Shop will serve thousands of 'lifers' attending the Students for Life of America conference in Maryland.

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