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Unplanned Defense

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I thought I was going to write a review of the “Unplanned” movie for you. However, it is more than that with this particular movie. Because I was hearing a lot of uproar about an R rating, I wondered what in the world this movie portrays. It was a Christian movie, right? Surely it would not be that bad, and it was not.

When an R rating is considered, there are elements that are taken into account. From Bear Pause Theater: “R: “Restricted, Under 17 Requires Accompanying Parent Or Adult Guardian.” This film definitely contains some adult material. Parents are strongly urged to find out more about this film before they allow their children to accompany them. An R-rated film may include hard language, or tough violence, or nudity within sensual scenes, or drug abuse or other elements. It also may contain a combination of some of the above. Parents are counseled, in advance, to take this advisory rating very seriously.”

Nothing in this movie fit those qualifications. Even PG movies have shown scenes with blood in them. There was blood in this movie, and an ultrasound showing a baby trying to get away from the suction tube. I have seen worse in movies with much more lenient ratings. This brings me to the conclusion that someone out there does not want young girls to see this movie.

What are They Hiding?

This conclusion was well on its way to being solidified when I got to the theater. Usually, movies they are showing, which are premiering, are shown on the billboard above the theater doors. “Unplanned” was not listed. On the digital screen behind the ticket seller, “Unplanned” would show, and then not be there, at various times as I watched. So, what are they hiding?

An original quote from Carla D’Addesi, Founder of COL1972 and Pro-life activist states: “Having just seen the movie ‘Unplanned’ in a private screening, I would say its R rating is downright laughable, which makes one think that it is simply an overtly political reaction. What this movie does show is the reality of abortion, and the political power and money Planned Parenthood wields as the No. 1 abortion mill in the country.”

What You Do Not Know, May be Fatal

The movie is a true story about the youngest clinic director in Planned Parenthood history. Abby Johnson, played by Ashley Bratcher, tells her story as you are taken through the events in her life that led her where she was. The movie begins with a perfect home and family scene, in which her little girl runs out the door to beg mommy to stay home.

We are taken through the event which changed her life in a dramatic but no less real fashion. She sits at her desk doing paperwork when one of her helpers peeks in and asks if she could assist a doctor. She had never been called on to help before, and wonders why she is now. In the procedure room, she is told to operate the sonogram.

What hit me hardest was the big blue barrels filled full of wee little babies.

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What she sees opens her eyes to what she had allowed herself to be party to. She watches as the tiny baby does all it can to get away from the suctioning tube. As she looks, the tube succeeds in tearing the baby’s leg from its tiny body. Then suddenly the baby is gone. Blood and gore are sucked into a container. Abby runs for the bathroom, realizing she has just assisted in the horrifying murder of a real live baby. For the first time, sonogram technology allowed her to see what was really there.

Rewind: Recruited in College

She then takes us back eight years to when she first started volunteering at Planned Parenthood. Abby started as an attendant who watches for clients to pull up. She would meet them at their cars to counteract the protesters on the other side of the fence. Chatting the whole way to the door to keep the client’s attention focused on her, Abby would walk them in.

She got started because of a Planned Parenthood booth at her college. Abby was told Planned Parenthood seeks to make abortions rare by educating women and girls about birth control. Which sounds exactly the way Margaret Sanger (who detested abortion) planned the organization. Abby wholeheartedly believed every word. She truly believed she was doing something good for women in crisis.

She takes us through the memory of meeting a lady from a local pro-life organization, Marilisa. It was during that meeting that Abby makes a startling revelation. Or maybe not so startling, depending on who you are. She tells Marilisa that she had an abortion. When Marilisa starts to apologize for her going through that, Abby tells her point blank it was her decision and that no one made her do it.

Abby’s Big Mistake

This meeting brings Abby to explain what happened. It happened as she started her college career. A party girl from the moment her parents dropped her off, Abby meets a man ten years her senior. One night, she calls him over after taking a pregnancy test, and he tells her not to worry. He tells her that he knows of a place in Houston which could “take care of it.”

Of course, he did not have the $400 it took to get it taken care of, so Abby opened up her very first credit card account. She does not remember much about the procedure except some very uncomfortable cramping. She wakes up sitting slumped in a plastic chair. After the procedure, she marries the father of her child. Not much about that life is said, except to say that after one year, she filed for divorce when she found out he was cheating on her.

She then found out she was pregnant again. She was devastated, thinking this meant she would have to allow her ex a spot in her life forever if she has his child. So she went to Planned Parenthood and shelled out another chunk of money for a medication abortion. They gave her a pill while standing there, to be followed the next day by four more. The attendant told her that it would just gently clean out her uterus.

It took eight weeks of bleeding, cramping, and clotting before the medicine was finally done wreaking havoc on her body. She called Planned Parenthood to ask why they did not tell her she would be going through such agony. They hung up on her.

Marriage, Motherhood, and Job Security

The next few minutes are spent watching moments in her daily life which had a big impact on her. We watch her get married, get pregnant (again), and give birth. However, one moment stands out. Abby’s friend comes to her for help with his daughter’s pregnancy. His daughter tells Abby that her parents are pressuring her into an abortion, but Abby supports her Dad.

Going by how young she is, Abby counsels the girl that this is not the right time for her to have a baby. She leads the girl to believe this is what is best for her. After the procedure, Abby goes to check on the girl. She is bleeding profusely and a pool of blood is under her feet. The “doctor” perforated her uterus. When Abby screams she is calling an ambulance, the director (at the time) of her clinic grabs her and tells her forcefully to “NEVER do that.”

They, of course, were worried more about their image and news coverage than they were about the girl potentially passing away due to the “doctor’s” incompetence. When the girl was stabilized, the director told Abby she needed to keep her head about her if she was to run the clinic someday. So Abby knuckled down and eventually became the director.

The Day It All Changed

For years Abby’s mother had prayed and counseled her daughter to get out of the Planned Parenthood trap. Abby was constantly defending her choice and eventually found herself lying to her own child about why there was blood all over her shoes. One memory she shares with us is how she was honored as Planned Parenthood’s employee of the year. During that meeting, she finds out that instead of decreasing abortions through birth control, she and others are expected to double their abortion counts.

This is not what she signed up for, and she spoke up during the meeting. Afterward, her boss cornered her and told her in no uncertain terms that abortion paid for all she enjoyed and that she was to follow directives. In addition, she was reprimanded for speaking out. This was the beginning of the end. After her reprimand, Abby doubled down and got to work selling abortions. She found she was very good at it and sold a lot.

Then came the day she was asked to help during an abortion by managing the ultrasound. What she saw changed her life for good. The following Monday, Abby Johnson resigned from Planned Parenthood. This began her journey of repentance. Abby estimates she was complicit in the murder of 22,000 babies.

Naturally, she did not believe for a while that God would forgive her of that. Eventually, she started volunteering for the same pro-life people she first spoke with when she started at Planned Parenthood. Abby is now staunchly pro-life and advocates for the unborn with great zeal. The movie closes with her and other mothers attaching roses to the fence of the now-closed clinic.

This Brings Me To My Story

Abby’s story of aborting her babies was poignant for me, to say the least. In 1996, I visited a Planned Parenthood clinic. I was pregnant with my then boyfriends child, and he did not want him. My reason for aborting my child is that it would be better for him to be dead than to have his own father hate him.

I was told it would not hurt my baby. They showed me a jar with a little white blob and told me that my baby looked just like that. I was 6 weeks pregnant, or so they told me. They did not do ultrasounds then, so I knew no better. I think this movie was the culmination of my journey of healing after abortion. What hit me hardest was the big blue barrels filled full of wee little babies.

This is the closest to what my son actually looked like. The thought that he may have been tossed out with the trash, his coffin a big blue “biological waste” container, is hard for me. I should have fought for him. So if you can spare me a few lines, I would like to add my own rose to the fence.

To My Beloved James

I am sorry. I am sorry I did not love you better, I am sorry I did not fight for you. Mostly, I am so sorry for the ignoble and horrid way you were treated, and the pain you went through. Please understand that I did not know, and please forgive me.

Know this, my sweet son, I may not have fought for you, but I vow to you that I will fight for them. One fine day Jesus will come to get me, and I will finally be back together with you and your sister. I love you so much.

Mary Freeman
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