Eric Swalwell Keeps Poking The Bear

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Eric Swalwell is either very stupid, or very scared, because he just won't quit poking the bear, and Richard Grenell eats him for breakfast.

What’s The Buzz?: Whatever, Karen!

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What's the Buzz is coming at ya with some pretty ridiculous encounters of the Karen kind, offering up the cop who's done with Karen, and even Joe Biden!

Michael Flynn Cleared of Charges

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Ret. Lt. General Michael Flynn has been exonerated in the case against him for supposedly lying to the FBI following the release of exculpatory documents.

Breaking News: YouTube Censorship

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YouTube has removed an informative short video on the Healight, experimental technology brought up by President Trump at a recent press conference.

BOLO: Appease the Mob

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Every good Emperor knows you must always, at all times, appease the mob. This is the only way you will survive scrutiny to swindle another day. BOLO ALERT.

What’s the Buzz?: Bloviation

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Bloviation is the word of the day in this What's the Buzz as we take a look at freak outs and fake outrage. Some will leave you scratching your head.

What’s the Buzz: Crazy Politicians

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Crazy, power grabbing politicians have been running amok in America, now that her citizens have been locked away in their houses. When the cats away...

Your Country or Your Life!

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Citizens of this country are being presented guilt trips and false dilemmas on Twitter which could keep people from the help they need. This needs to stop.

What’s the Buzz?: Hollyweirdos(and Joy Reid)!

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Hollyweirdos are popping up all over the Twittersphere, spreading disinformation and TDS far and wide about one key date. Only one problem with that.

US Forces Take Out More Terrorists

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The United States Armed Forces conducted a series of airstrikes, the latest of which hit two areas in Somalia, which killed 6 Al-Shabaab terrorists.