Mike Yoder: Get Rid of the Double Standard

People Don’t Know What’s Going On

On this episode of Unpublished Opinion, Mike Yoder, a Washington DC attorney who specializes in Section 230, 1A, and PI litigation, discusses America’s level of hatred for each other. He says Americans hate each other at levels probably close to the Civil War. To give the Devil his due, Mike says it is mostly due to misinformation. 

People don’t know what’s actually going on anymore, or what to believe. And that is the direct cause of the mainstream media. Mike brings up the disparity between the Brett Kavanaugh case and the Joe Biden case, highlighting the lack of coverage in the latter and comparing it to the former. Mike says America is America’s biggest issue today, and that we need to get rid of the double standard. Watch the full video, Unpublished Opinion: The American Citizen, below!


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Mary Freeman
Mary Freeman
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