Eric Swalwell Keeps Poking The Bear

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Someone Should Tell Him

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How long can one idiot poke the bear without getting mauled? Answering that question seems to be the mission behind the hapless Representative Eric Swalwell’s taunting tweets to former acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Richard Grenell. Swalwell keeps getting his flatulent posterior handed to him every time, and yet he keeps doing it. Take this tweet, for example:

Apparently the rip roaring Representative doesn’t realize just how little the intel committee is trusted nowadays, after many revelations have been made on a plethora of fronts. But what I wonder is what is it about Grenell which makes Swalwell believe he will cave to a Twitter bully whose only mission seems to be to discredit the former Ambassador before anything is ever published. Grenell, for his part, is showing a massive tolerance level when it comes to that, and the patience of a saint. 

But it all started with this tweet:

To which Grenell replies:

This Really Won’t End Well

Apparently Richard Grenell knows who really holds the power, if we’d just wake up and realize it. Which is why he prefers to keep his trap shut about what he has found and simply release it to We The People. Of course, that may be why Swalwell keeps doing stupid things like this:

Is Swalwell panicking, or just really that obtuse? At any rate, he certainly is dedicated to his brand of stupidity, considering he continues this unwise attack on Grenell, who systematically destroys him with each response. Swalwell continues the war with the first tweet above, to which Grenell delivers this blow:

Now, either Swalwell doesn’t understand thoughtful processes, or he is simply trying to shake the unshakable. And maybe Grenell knows it, which is why he continues to slaughter Swalwell every time he bites. This exchange is being watched by a massive audience, who gain quite a bit of entertainment watching Swalwell get kicked in the teeth.

He’s Got Your Number, Eric

Richard Grenell is wise to Swalwell’s game, though. Many times the gaseous guru of “RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!” tried to goad him into acting rashly, but the former Ambassador proved he was immune to rush orders. His final tweet to Swalwell says it all:

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Eric Swalwell’s tactics should be no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention the past few years. When it is pulled out, it means that’s all they have left. But if you look closely, it also means they have forgotten who is really in charge, and have sought to replace the American people as the sole authority over this country. It is time to remind a hapless and lawless government they work for us, not the other way around. It’s a good thing people like Richard Grenell agree.

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