Scathing Presidential Letter Sent to Senator Schumer

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President Donald Trump issued a letter to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in which he excoriated him for his neglect of the citizens of New York. The scathing presidential letter lays out several points of contention the president had with Schumer’s media obsession and the “hapless” impeachment hoax. President Trump pointed out that Vice President Mike Pence was heading up the coronavirus task force and is doing an excellent job. This in response to a tweet Sen. Schumer sent out stating Trump’s presidential appointees are not up to the task. 

Schumer’s Tweets Got President Trump’s Attention

The Response…Not a Tweetstorm, but a Scathing Presidential Letter

In addition the president pointed out there is indeed a military leader in charge of production and distribution of much needed medical supplies and personal protection equipment. The president’s “czar” is Rear Admiral John Polowczyk. President Trump reminded Schumer he had told the Senator about the Rear Admiral. Trump then accused Schumer of ignoring this information for reasons of “public relations.”

The president reiterated the Defense Production Act (DPA) was being used and used well by his team and himself to get badly needed supplies made and distributed. Trump continued by stressing the fact it is being used so well that manufacturers rush to comply without even receiving “formal notice.” President Trump went on to state “the Federal Government is merely a backup for state governments,” which he said the senator was aware of. In previous briefings, President Trump stressed the fact it is much faster for the states to procure their own supplies, rather than going through all the red tape required when requesting it from the Federal Government. 

President Trump ended his letter with what many see as a scathing setdown. Many others see it as disgusting. The president told Senator Schumer in no uncertain terms that he had neglected the people of New York in favor of the impeachment hoax and that he had never known just how bad a Senator Schumer was until he became president.

Phil Mattingly of CNN claims to have gotten ahold of Schumer’s office and was told the president and Senator Schumer had two phone calls. The president admitted to Schumer he had been in the process of sending a “very nasty letter” to him, but allegedly promised Schumer he would try to stop it or would apologize if he couldn’t. Mattingly did not reveal his source. You can read the letter in this tweet. Neither Senator Schumer nor President Trump has said anything about the letter, orally or via Twitter.

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