How Quickly a Pandemic Makes One Forget About Chuck and Joe

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The Media Conveniently Has a Worse Memory Than Biden

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The coronavirus has been trending since February. The mass hysteria seems directly attributed to the media. In short, panic causes fear and fear-mongering sells. Similarly, leftist narrative more often’s seen as a diversion. Backing up a bit, does the left remember that Senator Chuck Schumer seemingly threatened Supreme Court Justices? Surely, they recognize there were allegations of Joe Biden sexually assaulting a staffer.

Perhaps the left doesn’t remember these newsworthy items, sans coronavirus. It’s possibly a purposeful play, dealt by the hand known as fake news. Even left-leaning publications, are acknowledging that Biden hasn’t been getting his equal time. At any rate, it’s not entirely the fault of either Schumer or Biden. COVID-19 takes up a good chunk of the news day.

Still, Schumer and Biden need to be held accountable. In Biden’s case, he’s innocent until proven guilty. In Schumer’s case, what’s to figure out? We all physically heard him threaten Supreme Court Justices on national television. Nevertheless, the leftist media is possibly banking for the nation to forget. They aim to sweep this under the rug potentially.

The Threat of Chucky

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On March 4th, 2020, New York State Senator Chuck Schumer seemingly threatened two Supreme Court Justices. Surrounded by a crowd of abortion rights activists, with the pack mentality, Schumer went on a hyperbolic rant. As the group praised and applauded Schumer, Justices’ Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh, we’re less than enthused. Gorsuch, specifically, took this as a threat, and who can blame him?

Just watch the video, and one hears two critical statements. First, a key phrase sounding slightly menacing, “you will pay the price.” Second, “you won’t know what hit you,” clearly uttered from Schumer’s lips. There were zero muffles, zero audio glitches, and zero room to take this out of context. Only his words he’d used, and that’s evident. Hence, when there’s no room for misinterpretation.

Chuck Schumer’s wrong for having said these things. Uttering threats is an offense punishable by law. Take Chief Justice Roberts into account, he called Schumer’s comments “inappropriate” and “dangerous.” An attempt by one man to intimidate, and the media worked to bury it. Furthermore, how this goes unpunished or examined further is beyond this writer.

I Said, “No Joe”

Former staffer Tara Reade, who had previously worked for Joe Biden, alleges he sexually assaulted her. Purportedly, he’d touched her and digitally penetrated her in 1993. Biden had also reportedly used Reade’s dream, to become a Senator, to coerce her. Though, we’ll never know much more about this story. Because leftist media aren’t talking about it, and it’s harmful rhetoric for the DNC. Besides that, mainstream media is too busy with coverage of COVID-19.

The left love to compare this scandal to President Trump’s, when they do talk about it. When Trump said, “women would let me grab their p***y.” Indeed, it was caught on audio and was factual. Although, I’d say that a man saying that is less polarizing than an allegation of sexual misconduct. I’d instead grab a beer with a proven toxic masculinist, than an alleged sexual deviant.

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This story is more recent than Schumer’s, and the fact it remains untouched is confounding. Trump’s tore up by some media outlets, and all he said is what many men think. Thinking back, I almost feel that grabbed her p***y saga went on for weeks. Contrarily, Biden and these allegations get five to ten-minute segments off and on. Naturally, it’s an extreme bias toward Biden and the DNC.

How About Some Action

As for Schumer, he should be held accountable. Next, he must face the appropriate disciplinary actions for his threat. Then, he needs to work to rebuild his tarnished reputation. Above all, Schumer has to work to get cousin Amy off stage. Her stand-up is unwatchable, and her acting isn’t anything special either. Just a little satire to end my thought.

As for Biden, an investigation soon is underway. Support Reade or not, an answer still is needed for these allegations. If untrue, she’s a liar and is the one deserving of prosecution. However, if truthful, I think it’s important everyone knows Biden is a predator before November. So much is going on at the moment; this could go and sail off into the distance. It could allow potential DNC criminals to get away with unlawful action and discourse.

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