Manny Alicandro’s Take: Featuring Chanel Rion

Chanel is Interviewed (Link Below)

Leftist media is determined to draw out the coronavirus for as long as possible. Fear-mongering sells and equals ratings, which sometimes sways them from the facts. “Mainstream Media” has used this virus to attempt to beat President Donald Trump at every turn. Their widespread “claims” have impacted the economy, and Democrats can use this to demean Trump.

One example was when Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank tweeted, “Remember this moment: Trump, in South Carolina, just called the coronavirus a ‘hoax.’” This tweet was sent back in February, and it hasn’t stopped since. What Trump was referring to by “hoax” was the Democrats finding faults with his administration in response to the coronavirus. He was also referring to how the media and Democrats love to politicize everything. Propaganda spin-doctors love wordplay and changing the rhetoric to suit their message.

More recently, CNN announced climate change activist Greta Thunberg would sit on their “expert” coronavirus panel. Alone, this is proof that leftist media does not want to focus on facts. They simply want to destroy the Trump campaign. Thunberg is not qualified to speak on behalf of the coronavirus.

Some may argue she is not an expert on climate change either. Also, a video of Thunberg from the climate change summit shows her disdain for the President. If CNN, or any other leftist media had no ulterior motive, they would hire unbiased, nonpartisan people to join their panels. I know Journalistic integrity is a bit much to ask of most media nowadays.

Alicandro recently spoke with OAN’s Chief White House correspondent Chanel Rion, and the video can be seen below:

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