Saving Western Art

Art Has Lost Its Way

Art today is confusing, it seems like two splashes of paint slopped together on a canvas is ground-breaking. It is complicated and often misunderstood, many artists take advantage of this theory. The West is having an identity crisis when it comes to art, and it can be directly attributed to socialist politics. Many examples of art convey how awful capitalism is, yet no one ever paints a portrait of how beautiful our nation is anymore. Nobody paints a picture with a message of hope and making things better.

Western art has become too political and too biased to one sided. Contemporary art is often about throwing temper tantrums with splashes of blues and greys. It is about destruction and not construction. Art has truly lost its way when The Huffington Post writes an article agreeing art is bland, nothing more than vertical stripes or a collection of metal squares on the ground.

Indoctrination in our education system has been a problem for quite some time. Brendon Heard, who wrote, “The Decline and Fall of Western Art,” feels art has suffered from indoctrination. It has been affected by it as much as any other field, both educationally and professionally. Below you can see Brendon Heard speak with NRN’s own Mary Freeman:

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Brendon Stitt
Brendon Stitt
Brendon Stitt is a writer for NRN. He has a master's degree in business and a vast knowledge of economics. Stitt's a neighbor to the north from Canada, though follows US politics religiously. Stitt covers a variety of topics from sports, to business and the markets, pop culture, and so much more.