Manny Alicandro’s Take S1 Ep7 with Christy McLaughlin

November Will Be Here Before You Know It

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Florida’s 19th Congressional district is a packed house, with ten Republican candidates looking to take retiring Francis Rooney’s (R-FL) spot. District-19 consists of Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, and Marco Island and has about 800 thousand people who live there. The great state of Florida is facing many issues right now, including Amendment 4, Bill 404 which requires minors to attain parental consent to having an abortion, school safety and guns and also the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, illegal immigration (a primary platform of Gov Ron DeSantis’ since 2018). Of course, like all places re-opening the economy amidst the coronavirus. District-19 in Southwestern, Florida, is impacted by these issues just as anywhere else in the state.

A slew of candidate’s swarm to receive congressman Rooney’s seat. Out of ten candidates, five are career politicians. The narrative of a 24-year-old, fresh out of Law School, Christy McLaughlin, is that her district is tired of the lack of transparency that is associated with career politicians. This was one of the main reasons this young lady jumped into the race. District-19’s primary will be on August 18, 2020. Whether it will be a mail-in ballot or in-person is unknown at this time, though with Florida’s record for re-opening the state, expect it to be in person.

Check out episode 7 of Manny Alicandro’s Take, where he sits down with the hungry candidate:

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