RIGHT NOW INTERVIEW: Solmemes- The Meme Queen Speaks

Solmemes- One of the Best Meme Creators in MAGA

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Memes are beloved by almost everyone. One meme can convey an entire message and go wildly viral. In a content-driven environment on social media where the most concise message is best, memes are a force to be reckoned with. In 2016, meme creation reached an all-time high during the election cycle. As a matter of fact, some people on the left have claimed that “memes won the election” for President Donald Trump.

Solmemes has become one of the most recognized and loved meme creators in the MAGA movement. New Right Network reached out to Sol to get her insight into the world of meme creation. I interviewed Sol to find out more about the genius behind the meme. Sol gave brilliant and detailed answers to all of my questions.

How Sol Got Her Start in the Meming World

Rose: What inspired you to start creating memes?

Sol: I started Twitter in 2016. I didn’t like the platform because it was always about movie stars and athletes. I would lurk around and didn’t really interact much at all. I got into it more watching all the political stuff about Trump. I voted for Trump in 2016 because I hated Hillary and especially after the emails from Wikileaks dropped. Shortly after the election, some random guy made a meme of Trump body-slamming CNN.

It was so amusing and creative and I loved it. I then started seeking out more of these kinds of videos and memes and became enthralled at the creativity and hilariousness of them. A bit later after CNN tried to doxx Han Asshole Solo for the Trump meme, Infowars had a contest to see who could make the best Trump/CNN meme. I started seeing all the amazing memes coming out.

A funny thing happened and people began making more video memes instead of just still ones. I ended up coming across one that had Trump as The Hulk and Loki as CNN being slammed into the floor. Being a huge comic fan, it lit a fire inside me. I was thinking to myself that I just had to learn how to do this……I reached out to the guy who made the Hulk meme (Hillaryclinton.org) and he said to find a free program and go on YouTube to learn. I went to Google and looked up free editing software programs and found Hitfilm Express. Then I spent the next few weeks watching YouTube tutorials. The rest is history!

Rose: How did you learn how to do what you do?

Sol: Mostly I learned on YouTube the basics but if you have ever tried a video editing program it is a huge learning curve. I taught myself by trial and error and playing around with the software. I’m sure the way I work my memes would be totally bazaar to most people because of the way I organize my content and work my video. Later, after I had gained a small following I was recruited by the great Carpe Donctum into a secret group of video memers. After joining the group, I got to know some great people who have helped me hone my skills in editing.

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What Inspires Sol’s Creations

Rose: Where do you get inspiration for your creations?

Sol: Growing up my father was an insane movie buff. He had one of those video collections that rivaled blockbuster video stores. He had thousands! That in turn transformed me into a movie buff myself. My father was also a nerd and loved pop culture and comics. I soaked in these things like a sponge and it has filled my brain ever since.

With this vast amount of useless knowledge, it has made it easy to tap into things that remind me of other things. I in turn have been able to fit political figures into scenes of movies and make them fit certain funny or dramatic situations.  I get so much of my material from just regular people on Twitter. They will send an idea that is not fleshed out and I will hone it and sculpt it from there adding my own touches. Also, in our group, we bounce and share things with each other to hone our memes. Lastly, Trump inspires me. He inspires me to be a better person and American…He has made me stronger and more of a patriot than anything ever could.

Rose: What is your all-time favorite creation?

Sol: Asking me to pick a favorite creation isn’t fair, it’s like picking a favorite child……so I will have to give you a couple. I loved my Charlie Chaplin speech inspirational video the most. It actually made me tear up when I finished it. It was perfect with the speech…the video… and the music hit perfectly. As far as my more traditional memes it would have to be my Assassin Creed Trump one. It was so much fun and so damn fitting. My most popular one would have to be the Bahubhali Trump meme. It was just done on a whim with Trump going to India and ended up being shown on all news stations in India. It took me only a couple of hours to make.

Sol on Support From the MAGA Community

Rose: How would you describe the support from the MAGA community?

Sol: The support from the MAGA community has been overwhelming… I never imagined I would be someone anyone would care about paying attention to. I have an entire group of amazing patriots that only make fan art of me. It’s humbling and I have always tried to stay myself and interact like I have always done.

Rose: What is your main goal with the work you do?

Sol: I’ve never had any goal but one. I want to make people laugh, cry, and be patriotic. I want people to feel something when they see my work. Whether it makes them want to kill me or hug me if they feel my job is done.

Rose: What inspired you to be part of the MAGA movement?

Sol: Simple answer is Trump. He gets up every morning and faces a barrage of hate. He is only President because he wants to make our country great like it was during our great grandfather’s time. He puts up with all the abuse but still keeps going. He cannot be beat or destroyed. He will not run. He will never stop. I literally love him for it.

Rose: What is your message to the MAGA crowd?

Sol: Just keep fighting… never stop no matter what is happening. We are the majority and need to stop the left at all costs. Also, I love them all, and thanks for all the support!

Sol on Censorship and Elections

Rose: Do you think that with all the censorship being expanded on social media against conservative voices what does the future of memes look like? Will they be outlawed like the EU tried to already do?

Sol: I think censoring comedy is a sin. Life is too short and everyone in America should be allowed to express them in way they want. Without a fight against the copyright laws memes may get shut down completely. If the Left has the chance, they will work to make that happen. I think of memers are artists. Yes, I’m a romantic. They are artists making political satire and are the political cartoons of today.

People love them and they have been embraced by Trump which has made the popularity grow way beyond anything I could have ever predicted.  The fight will be around copyright and we need to take it to them with the fair use laws. We need brave people to stand up and fight this fight. It will be expensive and we will need the best lawyers but it can be won as it is today. In the future with a Biden presidency, that window may close.

Rose: What effect do you think memes have had on elections?

Sol: Memes won Trump the election in 2016, that is a fact.  Still, memes saved the election back then. Video memes are maturing to a new level with deep fakes and other tech. The inspirational video memes created this election helped greatly to Trump’s landslide victory this time around. People are making some amazing stuff that inspires people. Some were even played at rallies. Memes win elections when paired with the right candidate it won’t work for any candidate. No amount of meming could inspire people to vote for Bloomberg or Warren.

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