It’s Not Over: SCOTUS Dockets Texas Lawsuit

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SCOTUS Denial in Pennsylvania Lawsuit

Today, the Supreme Court issues a one-line denial of the lawsuit filed by Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA). The denial read “The application for injunctive relief presented to Justice Alito and by him referred to the Court is denied.” There was no further explanation and the decision came with no public dissent, ruling 9-0 on this case.

It is notable that this particular case is not one of the four cases currently being tried by President Donald Trump’s legal team. It is also notable that there are more cases being appealed to higher courts by other legal teams in addition to the official Trump Team campaign’s cases.

Update: Attorney for President Trump pointed out that the entire case is, in fact, NOT denied. Only the request for emergency injunctive relief was denied. The denial only applies to overturning the Pennsylvania elections results prior to hearing the case. SCOTUS did not decline to hear the case. Representative Mike Kelly’s (R-PA) case is still pending before the Supreme Court.