BOMBSHELL: Georgia Dominion Voting Machine Shows Weighted Vote Counting

Weighted Vote Counting Was Used in Georgia

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On December 6, 2020 a Dominion Voting Systems machine that was sequestered in Ware county Georgia revealed weighted vote counting after a forensic audit was conducted. The shocking results show that the machine reported 87% votes counted for President Trump and 113% counted for candidate Joe Biden. Essentially, an algorithm was discovered which altered the vote totals for each candidate. 

Vote switching has been a hot topic since the 2020 United States General Election. Videos of real-time vote switching left many people questioning how and why that was happening. In addition, a “glitch” was reported in Pennsylvania that caught a 6000-vote shift from President Trump to candidate Biden. The “glitch” was discarded by the media as “human error” which was caught and reversed. However, human error does not account for the findings from the forensic audit. 

Weighted Vote Counting is a ‘Feature’ of Dominion Software

It was discovered, prior to the forensic audit, that Dominion Voting System included a feature, listed in their manual, for “weighted vote counting.” This feature allows for fractional votes to be entered as the counting method for candidates. For example, you can set votes cast for candidate A to be counted as 1.25 votes and candidate B as .75 votes. This would shift .25 of the vote totals to candidate A. 

According to the Gateway Pundit, Dominion’s official stance on why this feature is included is that it is “built in for their condo or land ownership customers who may want to tabulate votes based on the amount of land each participant may own.” The fact remains that the feature is available for anyone who uses their software, regardless of what type of election they are conducting. 

Weighted Vote Counting Could Have Changed the Outcome of the Election

During the forensic audit in Ware County Georgia, an equal number of ballots for President Trump and candidate Biden were run through the machine. The result reported from the machine was a 26% lead for candidate Biden. Those running the sample ballots through the machine were shocked and ran the ballots through again, producing the same results. 

This is the results on one machine in one county. This feature is available on all Dominion Voting Systems machines in 28 states including every county in the state of Georgia. If this shift, which could be custom set on each machine, was used in other counties it could mean that there is now irrefutable evidence of yet another type of voter fraud.

Forensic Audit Needed on All Dominion Machines

It is increasingly apparent that a forensic audit of the machines is only way to prove, once and for all, if there was a free and fair election. If there are fraudulent votes, a hand recount will simply recount the same fraudulent votes. Even if there is signature verification, which would possibly catch fraudulent votes, it would not reveal the votes that were switched via machine. 

On the heels of the breaking news from the voting machine in Georgia, Jenna Ellis, attorney for President Trumps Re-Election, confirmed that a judge in Michigan granted access to the Trump Team of 22 voting machines in Michigan. The order allows President Trumps team to conduct a forensic audit of the machines. Ellis said that their team was able to go in at about 8:30 am on December 6th and spend 8 hours examining machines. The results are expected within 48 hours. 

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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