Can’t We All Just Come Together?

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We Are All in This Together

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These may be sobering words for some, but we all should take Coronavirus seriously. We need to come together as a nation. I am an “essential worker” and a student at Western Michigan University. I deliver parts to truck shops and other auto shops that need them. Most shops have our drivers drop off the parts outside on a table and honk. Hours have been cut and some of my coworkers have been laid off.

The streets some days are quiet with few cars, but other days I am surprised to see so many cars on the road. My co-worker’s mother was pulled over on her way home from work for not listening to the advice of our governor.

Changed Lives in This Crisis

In my role as a university student, my classes now consist of WebEx meetings. I fear, because of the change, my GPA is going to drop because I learn better in front of a teacher, not a screen. Most students have moved back home because our classes now consist only of online or “distance learning.” A student who was supposed to graduate this year tragically succumbed from Coronavirus. Two more students are in the hospital with it.

Friends and others online who are nurses have described the chaos in their workplace. Other friends who work for automotive companies in Michigan have lost their jobs and do not know how they are going to get by these upcoming weeks or months. Some friends who have lost their jobs are being told by their landlords they still must pay their rent. Other friends of mine are not taking this seriously. They still go out! Suicide hotlines have spiked in recent weeks with desperate callers.

Despite the non stop attacks on everything President Donald Trump does, we all need to come together. We need to just listen to the recommendations of our state and avoid going out as much as possible.

No One is Immune–We Are in This Together

If you think you are fine because you are young and it does not affect young people as much, you are wrong. Almost 40 percent of people in the hospital with Coronavirus are people of the age of 20-54. This is not to say you will not recover, but it is a warning that you might not. No one is invincible. If everyone wants to get back to work, see their friends, grandchildren, have their kids visit, or be able to live their normal life again, please just follow the recommendations we have been given.

More and more cases are arising everyday not only here, but also around the world. Students and younger generations need to take this seriously. The US economy and lives are on the line. This is not some scare tactic to try and make you stay home. It is truly a plea to listen to the state’s recommendations.

Pause the Negativity and Come Together

We can overcome this faster than anyone could imagine if we all come together and follow the guidelines of our state and recommendations from President Trump. This is America! We have overcome the tragedies of several viruses, a depression, a recession, the heartbreak of 9/11, and so much more.

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Lives will be, and have been lost. Each of YOU can help stop the spread of this virus. You can protect your loved ones and yourself by sitting on your ass at home. It really is that easy. Wash your hands regularly, binge watch a new show on Netflix, play a video game, or do some prison workouts at home.

Do Not Be Afraid–We Are in This Together

In the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Turn off the news unless you’d like to hear updates from the president. The news focuses on ratings and fear is a sure way to push their ratings. Constant news of deaths and new cases will be constantly portrayed on the screen. Other channels will do all they can to point “faults” in the president’s actions.

You have nothing to fear if you just stay home. We can and will get through this if we come together and all agree to STAY HOME. Instead, stop hating on the president. He is doing everything he can do to protect American lives. It is honestly heartbreaking to see the vitriol and “gotcha” moments certain news organizations and political parties are doing during this crisis. This is not just the Democrats, but BOTH sides have gone negative in this time requiring positivity.

Stop the Attacks…Americans are Dying

American lives are at risk and, to be honest, I am sick and tired of seeing politicians trying to push through nonsense within a bill to help fund and save Americans in their time of need. I am sick to my stomach seeing Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) pushing a political “investigation” into President Trump’s handling of the virus while we are still in the middle of a pandemic. Our country has never seen anything like this before. Give President Trump a break for once as he is actually trying to help lessen the toll of lives and economic destruction the effects of this virus could cause.

The American people NEED help. People are dying, 10 million are out of work, nurses are overwhelmed, and hours have been cut. We have essential workers risking their lives nursing and caring for patients. Others are making masks, ventilators, and other medically required equipment and supplies. Truck drivers and workers at stores are working nonstop to keep shelves stocked. They are not the only people still working as we, the people, are coming together to make masks and other things needed during this crisis.

We are trying to come together, but some of our politicians, and those in the media, are not. Stop the attacks, call your senators and representatives, and tell them to stop the political divide. Beg them to do it at least for now. If we can all come together in our country’s time of need, stay home and stay safe, we can get through this together.

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