Homelessness and the Coronavirus

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Coronavirus: There’s So Many Without a Place to Go

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The coronavirus still trends daily, with no signs of stopping soon. True, the world’s in a chaotic state of panic mostly brought on by the media. Perhaps people are scrounging to fill their homes with sanitizers and facemasks. Yet there are hundreds of thousands without a place to go. Homeless people have no home or shelter they can access at this time. Indeed something to consider for those who want to throw an enforced isolation pity party.

Take a minute and think about just how many people are out there living this nightmare. The United States has 567,715 homeless, about 0.17 percent of the population. Meanwhile, Canada sees about 200,000 annually, with around 35,000 going without shelter on a given night. Unfortunately, analyzing all of North America is difficult, as Mexico can’t keep track of this per se. So just examining the north of North America, there’s 767,715 that are homeless.

The irony is, no homeless person will act as insane as a suburban housewife watching CNN. Perhaps this is because homeless people are accustomed to germs on any given day. Nonetheless, has anyone on the left with a roof over their head or food in their pantry considered these folks? My guess is in their hysteria, likely not. Unfortunately, that’s the reality the compassionate media fails to mention in their fear campaign. Comfort doesn’t equal ratings, and that’s why it goes unexamined.

Coronavirus: Something Else to Think About

Think about this, to fight off this virus, the homeless need proper immune systems. Does the left think that the homeless population has healthy immune systems? They’re cold and haven’t eaten in days. Similarly, over half either have alcohol or chemical drug addiction. Yes, to the last point, the fault lies within themselves, but my argument stands. As, they’re not built to get this virus, and are likely scared.

If those on the left are worried about dying from this disease, they need to reflect. Do these progressives have shelter? How about food? Do they have money to fall back on while temporarily laid off? Thus, if they feel their life is over, trust me, it could be a lot worse. For those based individuals that remain calm and grounded, thank you. Self-loathing isn’t very becoming, especially when so many genuinely are more at risk than others.

Will Progressives Cash the Check?

I’d come across a meme with President Trump holding a bill stating, “If you cash the check, I’m your President.” The you, of course, is the progressive left. So this to me was a humorous musing, as it’s so true. Though, how are the homeless to receive care? Undoubtedly, the left and us on the right will receive more considerable help. So maybe they can show a little appreciation for the efforts from Trump, over there on the left, as all Americans will benefit significantly from the assistance.

This conversation further proves the compassion of the left isn’t what they claim. In fact, in times of crisis, the left generally is discourteous and self-centered. Meanwhile, leftist media ardently tries to instill terror and hysteria as it fits their egregious narrative, and therefore they’ll not consider the homeless. Because if these outlets did, leftist constituents would value what they have. Thus, fear mongering has proven to sell, and the media take full advantage.

Meanwhile in Canada

Often, I’ll acknowledge my home country, though on this site I don’t focus much on Canadian politics. However our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, would rather send relief to other countries than assist us. As long as he, his wife Sophie (who tested positive) and his children are safe, forget about the average Canadian. Furthermore, he certainly doesn’t give a damn about Canada’s homeless.

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Sure, he’d rolled out a government-issued relief fund; most countries have. Think for a second: how is this a strong leader doing anything for Canadians? Our taxes pay into this fund he’s giving us, the one set aside for a rainy day. Yes, Trudeau will receive some credit from me as he rolls out the plan. However, he has to disperse it to us as is his duty. Now Trudeau should do something to help the 35,000 Canadians going without shelter tonight. Even after the pandemic draws to a close, continue that pursuit.  

In the End

Above anything else, let’s be thankful for what we have. It’s easy to get caught up in a mass panic. The media has us conditioned to living in fear, and their leftist minions become so sickeningly self-indulgent. A lot of the time, the left loses sight of their blessings. In turn, they’ll disregard those less fortunate. Let’s change the culture and work together. Lastly, let’s show the world the right aren’t the evil neo-Nazi toxic masculinists the media have painted us to be.

Together we all will get through this, and we’ll go on to business as usual. Imagine how hard it must be for these humans to social distance. I’m not religious, though I call for those without shelter to be in our thoughts. If you’re reading this and you do believe in a higher power, please say a prayer tonight. Until next time, stay healthy, my friends.

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