Seven Horror Movies Scarier Than COVID-19

It’ll Be a Scream Hurdling Good Time with These Horror Movies

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There’s so much terror with the Coronavirus, and people are scared. But, do you know what’s really scary? Horror movies. As you know, horror movies have made audiences jump since the days of early Wes Kraven. Likewise, there’s so many classics: Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, and countless others. In addition to the classics, my list is compiled of options you may not be familiar with.

While stuck at home during isolation, why not catch a movie or two? Or possibly seven. Most of these movies can be found on Netflix or on iTunes. In the spirit of fiscal responsibility, on iTunes most of these movies are in the $4.99 bin. Some have been uploaded to YouTube and are completely free. A decent price to have your pants scared off. So, with that said let’s dig into some insight to fright with these seven horror movies.

7: Patient Seven
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I, of course, placed this here to be ironic. Patient Seven is an anthology film set in a mental institution. Many top directors in horror had a part to play in directing these side stories. The story follows a psychiatrist at a mental hospital who interviews his patients. Soon he’ll find out their stories could all be connected to someone known as Patient Seven. Chilling is the right word for it, that’s for sure.

The film has many great aspects, starting with its star Michael Ironside. He plays a tremendous psychopathic psychiatrist, with a twist waiting around the corner. The frame story style with this anthology entries is phenomenal. Likewise, if you like stories of hallucinations, amnesia, and schizophrenia meeting up with trope such as zombies, ghosts, and vampires, this is for you.

6: Frozen, No Not THAT Frozen

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When three snowboarders become stranded on a chairlift, they must stay warm to survive. The plot is something very unique to the genre and it hits its mark. As the night lights suddenly turn off, they must try to escape the extremely high lift and not freeze to death. Suddenly, a movie with no real killer becomes rather bone chilling, no pun intended.

Frozen takes a bit to hit its stride, but once it does it does it well. In addition to this, with a relatively lower-end budget, the acting was very strong. Similarly, there’s some great comedic exchanges between Parker and Lynch (you’ll get to know them). To another point, the film makes frostbite look as gruesome as a chainsaw massacre. Essentially, the film seems quite realistic, like it could happen. This makes for a very acceptable fright.

5: Blackfoot Trail, AKA Backcountry

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Staying on the same trend of movies that could happen, this one did. This movie is titled Blackfoot Trail, but is also known as Backcountry. There is also a Backcountry short film on the same topic. So, Blackfoot Trail is based on a true story and follows a young couple who embarks on a hiking expedition through northern Ontario, Canada. The couple soon finds themselves lost in the wilderness. Enter into scene, a gigantic black bear. The reality-based terror writes itself, especially when based on the story of Mark Jordan and Jacqueline Perry. Therefore, get ready for a terrorizing, yet suspenseful horror film. Sure to rip and roar through your self-conscious.

The acting here was really sound, and the cinematography was delightful. Thirdly, the bear was a real star here and his handler deserves an award. Finally, you have to praise the makeup and effects team on this one. It can also be said, Missy Peregrym and Jeff Roop have a decent on-screen chemistry, which helped make their characters relatable. If you can’t watch all seven of these now do yourself a favor; check this one out at some point.

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4: Dollface aka Dorchester’s Revenge: The Return of Crinoline Head

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Okay, Dorchester’s Revenge: The Return of Crinoline Head most certainly won’t win any awards for aesthetics or acting. However, what it can produce is: amazing B movie, some good laughs, a unique killer, and legendary actress Debbie Rochon‘s boobs. This is one of the few where, though the prequel is better, I recommend the sequel. My reasoning is simply because the actresses are better looking, the kills are a tad bit more gruesome, and it’s hilarious at times. Anytime you can laugh and be scared in the same film, it’s a winner.

There are other unique aspects to this film especially if you don’t mind seeing drag queens being slaughtered, bloody tampons, and some really bad method acting. Trust me, the benefits will outweigh the acting and cinematography issues. It’s been a good while since I found myself screaming, “Don’t go back that way you dummy.” Take a look and if not satisfied, check out another on the list.

3: Lost After Dark

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Lost After Dark pays tribute to the horror movies of old. It hits its stride right from the word-go. Thus, get ready for an excellent slasher film paying homage to the likes of Kreuger and Vorhees. Though, I can concede to the film having a predictable plot, the film more than makes up for it with good gore and solid acting. Best of all, there’s a killer who looks like a real killer. This is unlike most slasher film villains of yesteryear.

There are some good side stories within the main, blandish plot, and this adds some points. I’ll not risk spoiling anything for anyone, so it’ll be left at that. However, after watching this film I propose a fair warning. Simply, you’ll never want to be stuck on an abandoned farm after midnight. With that let’s move on to number two.

2: Emelie
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Currently on Netflix, Emelie is a unique thrill ride that’ll keep you wondering, who is this girl? The pacing couldn’t be anymore beautifully done. Beautiful cinematography, the aesthetics are perfectly dark and grungy. Yes, Sarah Bolger did an amazing job as the lead. Though, all three of the actors and actresses under age twelve deserve high praise. Particularly, Joshua Rush, who excels in his role of protective big brother who is trying to fend off the sociopathic babysitter.

There are very few cons to this horror movie: amazing plot, great acting, solid cinematography, and some really intense pacing. Hence, why this film is well deserving of the number two spot. At any rate, I cannot say enough good things about it. Now, if my admiration is this high for number two, imagine how I must feel about number one.

1: Laid to Rest

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In terms of horror movies, this is my favorite in well over two decades, and that’s saying something. Please, please, please if you only watch one from this list, make it Laid to Rest. Chromeskull is unlike any villain you’ve ever seen. The character is unique and similarly so are his victims. The film stars a great cast, with an equally great bit of chemistry. Not to mention, the film is so well written. A great plot is always sure to equal excellent terrors.

I feel like that’s enough for this one, you get my point. It’ll become a bit sickening if I plug this further. Although, I’m sure Robert Green Hall will appreciate the royalties. So, if you’re home during isolation remember that there’s so much to do. Why not go ahead and scare yourself silly? Stay healthy, stay strong, stay safe and subscribe to NRN Plus. Then, use the code NRN and get your first week free. Until next time!

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