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Debra is Messing Around (Again)

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This week has yet another issue of What’s the Buzz, in which we recap the madcap and revisit the hilarious! We’re going to focus on the rather nutty Hollyweirdos, because in these trying times, laughter is a soothing balm. So without further ado, we shall start with poor wee Debra Messing, who doesn’t seem to know how to use a calendar.

Messing got on Twitter to decry the president, claiming he knew all about the Beijing Bronchial Bug and did nothing (reeeeeeee)! According to meaww.com: “Along with the tweet, Messing, 51, shared unclassified documents obtained by the Daily Beast where the U.S. Army-North seemingly warned Trump as early as February that ‘between 80,000 and 150,000 could die’ from the virus.”

Hollyweirdos: There’s Only One Problem

Here is wee Debra’s only issue. Donald Trump formed and launched the coronavirus task force on January 29. He banned travel to and from China and other affected areas on January 31. All while Nanshy Peloshi and Cryin’ Chucky Schumer were engrossed in impeaching the president. 

President Trump was called a xenophobe for this action by NanNan and Cryin’ Chucky, along with loads of Democrats and mainstream media bobbleheads, and was later proven to have saved thousands of lives when he took it. There was even a bill introduced barring Trump from imposing travel bans. I’m not kidding, they really wanted to stop him from protecting us. 

Common Core Death Toll

Messing also tweeted 150,000 dead, which proves she doesn’t know how to count, either. Or it may be that common core not so much math. I don’t know, but only 5000 people have died so far. Several other problems with Debra’s timeline are popping up all over twitter. 

For instance, here is Dr. Fauci (Jim Acosta’s pet question) telling people on January 21 that this is not a major threat to the American people:

And here is the World Health Organization on January 14 claiming there is no significant evidence that Kung Pao COVID can be transmitted person to person:

And here is Dr. Deborah Birx claiming that on February 3 (Debra’s favorite date) the WHO issued a statement saying there is no need for a travel ban the likes of which were instituted by the president on January 31(The ban which had him labeled a xenophobe):


Hollyweirdos: I Remember You

Notice that all of these dates, save one (Dr. Birx’s claim of Feb. 3), are in January. Which comes before February. But I guess Debra’s just messing. Speaking of people who are really messing up, I wonder if you remember this guy:

Ok, let’s do that, Sebastian. Let’s completely disregard the fact that the man has switched 75% of his manufacturing capabilities to making desperately needed masks for our frontline defenders. We’ll just sit around wasting oxygen and complaining about “infomercials” and “reality tv stars” on Twitter. Of course, he didn’t mind further proving he is a blooming idiot with those of us who tried to help wake him up.

For people who love to groan about “deceptively edited video,” the left sure doesn’t mind displaying a few of their own. Hey, Sebastian? I remember you. But I don’t remember the last time you did anything other than waste badly needed oxygen for over 30 years. So maybe the pillow guy deserves a bit of a break from you, eh?

Chronic Inaccuracy the Next Pandemic?

And speaking of nutty, washed up Hollyweirdo singers, Cher popped in with a few insane tweets of her own, following Debra’s inability to read a calendar to the T. 

And then there is this, in the face of evidence to the contrary, even:

And yay for strong women standing up and speaking their truths, right Cher?

Whoa boy. That girl needs a few xanax bars and a Long Island Iced Tea or two.

Oh Happy Joy!

But my report of all the gossip and hoopla wouldn’t be complete without some bullshit from Joy Reid, would it? That nut isn’t a Hollyweirdo per se, but she is more concerned with some Netflix crap called Tiger King (which I couldn’t care less about so please don’t tell me) than she is about Shandong Water Lung. Unless news of the MyPillow Guy being asked to speak at the president’s briefing happened to have the chutzpah to interrupt her precious show. 

Wow. A note to Joy Reid: We are very sorry to have interrupted your further retreat into the comforting confines of fantasy with our real world deadly virus crisis. Equally sorry are we that we chose to recognize the private sector for their efforts to fight it with us. By the way, Joy, did you know the MyPillow Guy is donating those masks to our first responders for free? No? And what, besides joining Sebastian in wasting air and tweets, have you done to help? 

And that is What’s the Buzz for now! I shall leave you with a fantastic rant from one of my favorite walk away people, who was inspired by Debra’s messing to speak truth to power:

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