Quarantine Revelation: Hollywood Really is Irrelevant

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Given Time to Think About It

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Amidst the lock-downs that the American people have been experiencing in their various towns and cities, if there is one part of the culture that has been vastly ignored, it is Hollywood. Some are delving into conspiracy theories that are unsubstantiated at best regarding their behavior. They are taking the QAnon approach to a deeper issue that’s going to come forth. Others are seeing Hollywood as the simpletons they are. Ellen and her spouse, Portia De Rossi seem to not know how to cook without some kind of cook book, and even then it looks pretty pathetic.

The New Normal

The refreshing thing about the Wuhan Chinese Virus is that it reset Americans. Everyone is experiencing a brand new normal, and it messed up everyone’s vibes. On the go parents are now stuck in the house with stir-crazy kids, all the while needing to provide some form of education. So everyone is a home-school parent, and it’s revealing how little the parents are able to parent this has caused much-needed reflection.

People furloughed and on-pause regarding work are understanding that currency is on a different platform, and that neighbors are in fact more important than a socio-economic status. People are developing new ways of communicating, as many places have not yet had martial law instilled (unless you’re in California or any Democrat blue state). Nobody really has had time to peek into what Chris Pratt is doing. Or what the latest thing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s production studio is spending money on, as much as we love them both. This virus has proven to many that Hollywood is irrelevant.

Relevance Death Throes

Literally nobody is caring about what celebrities have to say and no matter how right they are, nobody listens anymore. This crisis has people like Jimmy Kimmel and Stephan Colbert resort to making their content like amateurs, instead of reflecting the production value of the million-dollar late-night talk show hosts they are. D-list actor Michael Rapaport on his Instagram put out a PSA. The fact that he’s sitting in his multi-million dollar mansion lecturing us, the general public, about what to do about our kids is simply laughable. 

He’s not wrong in his statements, but it shows how much he’s sitting there bored on his luxury sofa in front of his waterfront property, overlooking the beach. He seems to be needing work and the best thing he can do is come up with some PSA?. The only people who care are the 300,000+ views and 2,800 comments, out of the 350 million people in the USA and the other seven billion on Earth who do not care. Again, Portia De Rossi looks like a kitchen nightmare,and frankly Hollywood, and the celebrity culture at large, are becoming less and less important to us.

Moral Of the Story

It is pretty apparent that once this virus passes us over, the celebrities will once again invade our lives. We will probably go back to watching movies and spending money on the popcorn and candy at the local movie theater. Celebrities will once again peacock around on the red carpet at some award show. America will once again get back on her feet and kick some tires and light some fires.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that there are far more important things in life than J. Lo’s booty or Colin Kaepernick’s grandstanding. Even though they apparently do hold some significant cultural weight. Family, community, health, survival, and people are vastly more important to connect with. Relationships, on top of self-sustaining norms, have been among the top priority for the American people.

The caring seems to be at the forefront of every social media platform, but people are doing it anyway. We can be sure that this might become the new norm. Hollywood won’t have a thing to say about it, because we’ve been doing it all along. More importantly, we’ve been caring for people without them.

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