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Perfidious Minstrels And Jesters All

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The Oscars have come and gone and once again. Elitist Hollywood minstrels and court jesters all gather together in their $1000 shoes and $9000 suits and dresses. They are all perked up like sanctimonious peacocks who gather to stroke each others egos. Yet, within the last few years, it has also become an anti-Trump tirade as well as the egotistical lecturing of normal everyday Americans on why we need to be better. We can sum it up with what Ricky Gervais said in his tweet about this fiasco.

The Pitt Hypocrisy

One of the winners of the night was Brad Pitt. The eponymous star won his role in “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” as best supporting actor. We, of course, had to listen to his acceptance speech but in it, he took a jab at the RNC for not allowing Roger Stone a chance to speak. It is a bit odd now that Leftist actors and actresses are siding with Roger Stone, Sen Mitt Romney (R-UT), and other RINOs because they are speaking out against President Donald Trump in some way.

The laugh track from when Rick Wilson on CNN mocked Trump’s base with the gay black man equality card continues to be used by CNN in their response to Romney voicing his stance on what he would do with the impeachment process in the Senate by voting to impeach Trump. This goes to show how treacherous these RINOs are, and in turn, how Conservatives really need to get them out of office and out of the GOP. They are “Republican In Name Only” and are only in the GOP for political expediency.

Supporting Republicans? Nope, Those are RINOS!

Another facet of Pitt’s speech reveals just how hypocritical these Hollywood elitists really are. We do need to ask the question, “Why are they supporting these RINOs?” Over the last few years, anyone with an “R” next to their name has been a target of mockery, verbal abuse, and public shame. Those are all on top of baseless accusations with which we are all familiar. You know the words that the Left loves to use when they are disagreed with, like “racist,” “misogynist,” “sexist,” “Nazi,” etc. Those words have now lost all meaning because everything is labeled with them.

So why is Brad Pitt supporting Roger Stone in his speech? Because Brad Pitt is a bonafide hypocrite much like every other Hollywood actor and actress. The thing we do need to understand is it will not get better once Trump exits office in 2024 and another Republican candidate enters the fray. They will do the same thing to that person too. The gloves are off now because whether you’re a Republican man or woman, it is equal parts defamation and slander from the Left! It will not get better.

Hollywood actors and actresses need to just stay in their lane and be the clowns we pay them to be.

They did this with George W. Bush, Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and so on. They continue to do this with Trump and it will not stop once Trump leaves office as every Republican candidate will face this vitriol. This is why we don’t care or shouldn’t care about them. Hollywood actors and actresses need to just stay in their lane and be the clowns we pay them to be.

Is Joker Joking?

One of the victors of the night was Joaquin Phoenix winning best male actor for his portrayal of the film “The Joker,” which received much audience praise while the Left demonized the film. Social justice whiners all labeled the film as the green light for would-be terrorists to commit violence. Many in the media labeled it as a movie about white male rage. Even though many hated the movie, the numbers showed that it was a box office success as it has hit the billion dollar mark globally.

As many have predicted, Phoenix’ portrayal of the titular DC villain gave him the win. With this win, however, we get lecturing from a vegan Hollywood elitist once again. In his speech, Phoenix harped on the notion of justice (social justice really) as he touts that no one gender, nation, culture, and even species is superior to one another. Yes, that is right, you read that correctly. He basically stated a human has no right to subjugate a dog or cow or pig as we are all interconnected as one species. This was accepted with applause and the entire speech was a push towards veganism, Hollywood’s latest religious bent!

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It was refreshing Phoenix did take a stab against cancel culture which is rampant everywhere. His speech was about being more compassionate to the cows. Therefore, change needs to happen for us to exhibit that compassion. Once again, we see the vegan push rampant within our media, politics, and academia. It seems the Joker isn’t joking about it.  You can watch his speech here.

Yellow Pets or Real Equality?

The night went off as usual with winners left and right from Ford vs Ferrari winning best sound design, Toy Story 4 winning best animated feature film, and taking up many of the awards was the arthouse film from Korea known as Parasite. This film won many categories from best director, best film of the year, best original writing, and best international film.

In an award show that is really supposed to honor American filmmaking and the American film industry, we have in the last 2 decades seen an overwhelming push for international film recognition. From Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon finding nominations, to the Marshall Mathers biopic 8 Mile getting praise. Now, with more and more woketivism, less and less American movies are getting the recognition they deserve. The win for the night went to Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite.

But this begs the question. Should he have won, or is this just another bent towards ensuring white liberals have their Asian pets in their back pockets and this is just another way to do it. “See, we allowed a Korean movie to win best feature film in the American market! So now we are allies! We want to see the yellow people win!” Nevermind the Harvard debacle where Asians were barred from entering the school. It’s all about the media element that should be recognized. This was a Korean film which spoke about class differences between the rich and the poor and how it should be dealt with.

Actors Should Not Be Lecturers

If there is one thing we need to recognize as normal everyday Americans, paid clowns cannot educate us on anything. These actors and actresses make money on the backs of our paychecks whenever we go to movie theaters. The last thing we want is some elitist Hollywood minstrel telling us how to spend our money, what to drive, what to eat, and where to go.  These Hollywood figures are entertainment, not our leaders and wellness coaches. They are paid to entertain and we need to let them know they don’t have credentials to demand what we do. Perhaps, in many cases, all they should get is a pat on the head and a trite, “Good clown, now go and do that again. 

“Entertain me! Otherwise, shut up and put more makeup on, clown!” This is how we should treat the actors who virtue signal. Let them know they have their place in the world, entertainment, and if they forget that role, we won’t pay for their movies. That’s about the gist of how useful most of these actors and actresses are. America would be wise not to forget that.

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