Recap of the Second Presidential Debate

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With the 2020 Presidential Election coming around the corner, President Trump and former Vice President and Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden have had their final debate before Election Day and what can we say but wow!  CNN’s Kristen Welker was the moderator and if there was anything to be said about her as being a balanced moderator, you have not been paying close attention, Class!  Be that as it may, the debates went off.  Each candidate had two minutes to answer with follow up questions by the moderator with a mute button on the mics to halt interruptions.  The questions ranged from race to international affairs to the environment with of course, points about the coronavirus.  The night kicked off with our President

Talking Points rooted in Americanism and Hope

Welker started it off with the obvious mention about the coronavirus and President Trump did not waste a minute in celebrating the spirit of the American people.  He celebrated the companies who are creating the vaccines needed.  He praised the work that Fauci, although has flip flopped continually over the course of this pandemic, the work he’s done as diplomatic as Trump can be with the time that was allowed.  In the whole of the debate, Trump pushed as an advocate for the American people and is fighting to reopen the country and has been pushing to keep the lockdowns in place.  Between Project Warp Speed, the fight for the second stimulus package, and revamping the economy, Trump has been fighting for the American people.  This was a different Trump than the first debate which was if anyone was honest, not his best appearance.  As bullish as his first appearance was, this one was definitely a more refined, a more focused Trump addressing the issues, injecting hope, and in short, overall was a fighter for America.

The Candidate of the Dementia laden Dark Winter

Conversely, Joe Biden started off his time and the remainder his entire debate moments with a message that did not inject any hope.  In fact, quite the opposite, he threw phrases like, “We’re headed into a dark winter…” or “People are dying…” and a slew of other ridiculous and disheartening talking points but then acts as if he will be the savior of it all.  That seems to be the MO of the Democrat party, America is nothing but a stepping stone to global power at the expense of the American people but here are a few crumbs.  In the midst of it, there were gaffes galore from calling Trump “Abraham Lincoln” which was a misquote, to calling the Proud Boys “Poor Boys,” and even slight hiccups with his data.  What’s even more shocking is that as he goes on longer than he feels comfortable, his slip ups and gaffes are drastic.  He stated that black people are all on food stamps.  He was adamant about not getting rid of fracking which is a booming industry which affects Texas, the middle America, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota and yet, he stated prior and was so adamant that he’s for fracking that President Trump plans on releasing video showing Joe and the world the lie about Fracking but, we’ll do it here for you as well.  While not discussed in this debate, Joe Biden also updated his plan about gun control that’s also on his website which is worth the read over for all you hunters out there with AR-15s who buy your accessories online.

Dubious Duplicity

If Fox News’ Chris Wallace was a dumpster fire of duplicitous conniving manure, Kristen Welker is a toxic waste dump of biohazard.  It’s one thing to join up with and double team the President, it’s a whole different ball game when you don’t do your job.  Welker did this repeatedly throughout the night which should show us the villain of these debates, which we all know is the mainstream media.  But what Welker did was strategic.  Even Savannah Guthrie did this during the NBC Trump Town Hall, but with Welker, it was even more glaring.  It’s always apparent that if the media doesn’t like a person, they ask specific follow ups while they softly lob general questions.  The way it works is this, Welker asks her questions to Trump.  Trump answers the question.  Welker follows up with three to five follow up questions with the emphasis on specifics.  For instance, “President Trump, do you have a plan for the coronavirus?” 

    “We have a plan, we’re going to be rolling out a vaccine very soon.”


    “Soon, it’s coming soon.  Project Warp Speed is ready to roll out.”

    “What is your timeline for this?”

Meanwhile, with Joe Biden, he says even the wrong things and Welker doesn’t even follow up save for one.  Even the fracking debacle that Trump caught Biden in, Welker did nothing to confirm the call out.  She just let Biden slide as he spits out of false facts, misrepresentations, and then expects us, the public to believe him.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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There were plenty of mic drop moments for the President and with Joe Biden, the best thing to do is give the man rope and watch him tangle himself up.  Like with anyone in the far Left mainstream media talking head like Welker, they continually will aid Biden while attempting to undermine Trump.  Trump in many cases at the latter half of the debate pressed Biden regarding his dealings with China, Ukraine, his son Hunter’s involvement, and all of the latest incriminating bits of evidence that rose up within the last week.  All Biden could do is revert back to the disproven talking point of Russiagate which Trump basically beat him to the punch and all Biden could do is capitulate to the trap.  Clearly, Trump did something or learned from his first appearance and changed course and if it wasn’t for Welker moderating, the fight would’ve been bloodier.

It’s Go Time!

One this is for certain, Joe Biden definitely said a great deal but said nothing of substance.  President Trump answered everything but spun it with hope and optimism while fighting for the American people.  It’s obvious to anyone objective that Trump did what he could to stay within the bounds of the rules of this last debate and did not harp much on Biden other than what we are all aware of with these latest scandal of Hunter’s laptop.  With less than two weeks to go, with this final debate literally showing Biden for what he is, a tired old politician who did nothing for his 47 year stint along with eight years as a Vice President who did nothing but plans on doing things now but will implement mask mandates, shut down the country again, reform his own crime bill, and throw money at problems that can be solved with a simple turn of the lock on the country and switch to “Open” and yet Biden will not do that.  If what this debate reveals is easily showing what each candidate stands for.  Trump definitely stands for American progress economically, socially, diplomatically, and racially.  Biden does not and we know this based entirely on his performance today, Biden doesn’t stand for America because we don’t know where he stands on anything because he has not said anything other than, “Orange man bad.” and after four years of a Trump Presidency and we have receipts on what this orange man has done and continues to try to do if it weren’t for Pelosi’s posse, another four years of Trump doesn’t sound so bad!

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