Trump Commands out on the Stump

No Middle Ground in Middletown

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President Donald J. Trump is out jetting along the American tour circuit in key locations to promote his 2020 reelection campaign and candidacy welcoming his loyal legion of supporters to turn up and cheer enthusiastically. President Trump hosted a campaign rally at Harrisburg Airport in Middletown, PA on Saturday, September 26, 2020. This bustling rally was an outdoor event that experienced a patch of mild misty rain that fell for a small spell.

Before the President appeared, one could easily mistake that this outdoor audience was anticipating a rock concert to commence. Loud classic rock music was blaring out over two lone cabinet speakers hoisted above the ground on opposite sides of the dais and a restlessness was spiking among those standing in attendance. The assembled were boisterous sporadically clapping and chanting for their political hero.

Marylanders are Ready for Four More Years

Shelby McGinley, 58 from Hagerstown, remarked if people can protest, they should be able to vote at the polls. McGinley’s desire is, “To keep the tax cuts and keep the economy going strong”. She expressed her reservations over mail-in balloting as not secure enough to rely upon for an accurate vote count.

Rachel Bernard, 18 from Frederick, is going to be a first-time voter on November 3rd. She stated, “I’m gonna vote for Trump cause I’ve seen him for four years. He’s created new jobs and he’s enhanced the auto industry. I’m really impressed with his Executive Order to protect the unborn”. Regarding mail-in balloting, Bernard said, “I think there’s a lot of room for fraud. I’m definitely not gonna use mail-in balloting. I will vote in person”.

Sherea Fogle, 51 from Pasadena, mentioned her wish list, “Obamacare, I want it gone. I got a lot of friends who lost their health insurance because of it. I want the government out of my pocketbook. Taxes is a big one. I don’t wanna get robbed”. Fogle also shared that she is uncomfortable with Maryland mail-in balloting.

Richard Fontaine, 69 from Baltimore, is a former small business owner. He feels that, “The covid virus has killed so many small enterprises that have folded and hurt employees”. Fontaine wants to witness Trump getting the economy back upon its feet. Fontaine gave credit to MD Gov Hogan for requiring voters to request a mail-in ballot rather than mailing them out blindly en masse without any oversight.

All four of these Marylanders who made a journey to rural Pennsylvania each expressed their fears concerning Maryland’s presumptive mail-in ballot program. None of them trust the postal system to function correctly and deliver random ballots confidently or expeditiously. This distrust actually undermines the eventual final vote tally after all of the ballots that materialize have been tabulated.

Promoting Positivity for a Second Term

President Trump’s campaign speech on the stump in Middletown covered multiple issues that included his impending nomination of Amy Coney Barrett as a new judge onto the Supreme Court made earlier on this same day, his priority concern over fraud interfering with the 2020 national mail-in ballot program, his unwavering support of urban police forces, and his lackluster opponent Sleepy Joe Biden who is attempting to unseat him as an incumbent president.

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Trump had several popular applause lines among the crowd that made for strong campaign soundbites. Audience chants erupted throughout the ninety-minute speech: Fill That Seat, Four More Years, Lock Her Up, Back The Blue, and Build That Wall. A mild guestimate tallies attendance figures at Harrisburg Airport in excess of four thousand people. Masks worn by supporters appeared to be a personal choice.

Pennsylvanians delivered the Electoral College to Trump granting him an electoral victory in 2016. However, the Wuhan virus hysteria and lockdown have necessitated the unpopular employment of social distancing. Confusion and suspicion are a double troubling cause for concern as Americans head into a heated campaign season. A projected 50 million or more mail-in ballot votes will surely delay any rapid count of mail-in ballots cast to determine who will become the next President to be inaugurated in January 2021.

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