Identity Politicking: The Latest Leftist Political Weapon

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Identity politics.  It’s the very thing that’s driving every single conversation that seeps out of the mouth of a left leaning person, everywhere and in every facet of American life, and the life of any Westerner.  Race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, and other such concepts are brought right to the forefront and is impacting almost everyone, even the two year olds with this whole transgender craze that’s surfaced.  Yet, the very thing that is in the conversation of the normal folks seems to be the thing used in the very political arena as well and if there is one person currently that is the Democrat Vice Presidential nominee herself, Kamala Harris.

“I’m Speaking…”

We don’t need to get into the history of Harris anymore than what is already in the light.  She is not well liked amongst the black community as with her counterpart who wrote the crime bill of 1994 and she during her stint as DA of San Francisco, enforced the bill down to the wire.  Again, she’s also been accused of holding prisoners past their release date for cheap labor.  Let’s not forget that she comes from a line of slave owners as well just in case we want to have the fodder we need moving forward.  But again, here in Harris, we have a woman of color, a woman, and she’s darker than Caucasians which makes her not as low on the oppression hierarchy chart but she’s down there in terms of intersectionality.  And we saw her take full advantage of her woman-ness and her coloredness.  In fact, her quote which is now marketed on t-shirts, is also being touted by the entertainment media industrial complex as a means to perpetuate more of this toxic femininity.  Pence couldn’t get a straight answer from her because, a woman was talking and he “mansplained.”  

Still Nothing

What more can be said when you have Jake Tapper and the talking heads of MSNBC all towing the line of “Pence was mansplaining!” and “Pence was courteous sure but he interrupted her quite a bit and that’s a bit misogynistic since he’s a straight white male.”  And you can take your pick of any variation of that from these Left wing figures on mainstream cable news.  Yet, any breakdown of the Vice Presidential Debate this past week still has not given us any answers.  Harris wouldn’t give anything straight instead gave all of us viewers a false quote from Abraham Lincoln, a bunch of non-answers, and asserted herself as a woman and a woman of color and thus, Pence should just shut up and take it and not “mansplain” because who cares if she lies to the people, she’s a woman of color, she deserves this position of power.  Granted, it will be at the expense of the American people she claims to be all about, apparently.

Straight Answers

Even still, the American people are left with no answers to the question Vice President Mike Pence posed during the debate, “Will your administration pack the courts?”  What is quite clear is simply this from the Biden campaign, voters don’t deserve to know.  Quite frankly, we don’t want to find out what the Biden position is after the election assuming they somehow win.  The populace wants to know and Biden is pulling the Pelosi Obamacare move.  Remember what she said?  “We have to pass the bill first before we know what’s in it.”  No joke!  This is par for the course for Democrats as they continue to undermine the American people and this is why so many are walking away.  Everything from identity politics to shady methods of pushing agendas and now masking truth in non-answers because they have literally taken the position as they have for decades, the American people are idiots and don’t deserve our transparency.  We did vote them in, but now it’s high time that we keep them out of positions of power till they learn their lesson.  The people are the government and this is a Consitutional Republic that is one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.  Not social justice because that’s just dumb but actual justice and it’s an injustice that Harris would use her identity as a woman and a woman of color as a cudgel to win oppression points.  And we still don’t have an answer!

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